The Elektrode is Kawasaki’s First Fully Electric Motorcycle

The all-electric two-wheeler is a balance bike designed for children aged three to eight years old.

Kawasaki has unveiled its first all-electric motorcycle, but it may not be what you were hoping for. The Elektrode is an electric balance bike designed for children who are making their first foray onto two wheels.

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Nonetheless, this is Team Green’s first official entry into the fully electric two-wheeler segment. The Elektrode, according to Kawasaki, will be able to bridge the gap between pedal-powered bicycles and small-displacement motorcycles.

  • Claimed ride time of more than 2.5 hours on a single charge
  • Three power modes for intended users to learn the ropes
  • Unlikely to make it to India

While many of our readers may not be interested in the specifics of this balance bike (especially since it is unlikely to be sold in India), it is significant because of the implications for Kawasaki’s future. Team Green has been the most forward-thinking of the Big Four when it comes to electric mobility, revealing that it is working on hybrid motorcycles.

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With the release of this balance bike, the company has gained enough confidence in its electric technology to start offering it to customers, albeit on a small scale and in a mild application. Of course, a full-sized electric motorcycle or scooter will be the next step. Here are some details about the Elektrode until then.

Battery and Motor Specifications for The Kawasaki Elecktrode

The lithium-ion 36V 5.1Ah battery, which has a ride time of more than two and a half hours, is housed inside the frame. A 250-watt brushless in-wheel electric motor delivers power to the rear wheel. A full charge takes two and a half hours, and the current charging capacity from a standard household outlet is only 5A. There are currently no details on a fast-charging option. The battery, according to Kawasaki, will last 500 charge cycles before shrinking to 80% of its original capacity.

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Kawasaki Elektrode Prioritizes Ease of Use

Electronic rider aids have progressed so far that even a fully-electric balance bike for kids now has riding modes. Low, Medium, and High are the three riding modes available, with top speeds of 8kph, 12kph, and 20kph for the Elektrode, respectively. Toggling between rider modes requires entering a passcode, which ensures that parents have control over their children’s speed. The footpegs can be folded out of the way and the bike can be used as a pushbike if these speeds are too much to handle.

This bike is designed for children aged three to eight. At the risk of repeating myself, physical changes in children between these ages are significant. Keeping this in mind, the handlebar and seat can be adjusted in a similar way to a bicycle’s. The Elektrode’s load bearing capacity is rated at 45kg.

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Other Mechanical Details about The Kawasaki Elektrode

The Elektrode’s frame is made of aluminum, and the bike is not equipped with suspension. It has 16-inch cast aluminum wheels with slightly off-road biased tyres and a 160mm rear disc brake with a lever position that can be adjusted. The Elektrode weighs in at just 15kg and comes in Kawasaki’s signature Lime Green color.

Kawasaki has launched the Elektrode in international markets for $1,099, but as we previously stated, the Elektrode is unlikely to make it to Kawasaki showrooms in India.

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