The crooked employee kept cheating the boss, kept him poor and became rich himself! Then the trick came to the fore…

There are different types of people in the world and they have their own principles and way of living life. Some people want to live life according to rules and regulations and honestly, while there are some people who take advantage of themselves in any way. They don’t care whether something is right or wrong. Something similar was done by an employee working in a museum, who defrauded his employer of lakhs.

This case is from Germany, here a person working in the Deutsches Museum in Munich city kept fooling his boss for years and he was not even aware of it. This 30 year old employee picked up valuable paintings from the museum and auctioned them and used to replace them with copies. Due to this, his life continued smoothly but the owner continued to be ruined.

owner poor, employee rich
The person is accused of carrying out this scam between 2016 and 2018. He sold priceless artworks in some auction houses. He used to earn lakhs of rupees from this and spend it on his expensive lifestyle. With this, he not only paid off his loan but also bought expensive watches, cars and luxury items. He did not tell the auction house that the things were stolen but rather said that they were the inheritance of his ancestors. From this he earned 50,000 Euro i.e. Rs 43,26,878 in Indian currency. He filled his pocket by selling two paintings.

Still not jailed…
The man was not sentenced to jail for this crime, rather he was suspended from his job for 21 months. The court has also ordered him to pay a fine of Rs 53,25,091 to the museum. He told the court that he had done all this without thinking. Since he had no such record before, the court released him instead of jail by giving him the same punishment.

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