The crocodile had gone to hunt small fish, the eel hit him with such electric current, he died in agony.

Nature has created everything very thoughtfully. Each creature has been sent with various qualities. If some weakness has been given, then some strength has also been given. The whole world runs on the food cycle. That means if any creature has eaten someone then someone will eat it in the future too. This maintains balance. God has created everything from humans to animals by giving them ways to escape from the attacks of their enemies.

Recently, a video of a victim was shared in which this rescue technique was seen being used. However, both the prey and the hunter died in this. In the video going viral, a crocodile was seen hunting an electric eel. But little did Magar know that this would prove to be the biggest mistake of his life. Crocodile died while hunting electric eel.

The eel was already injured
The viral video was shot on the banks of a river. A crocodile attacked an eel fish coming out of the water. It is being told that this eel was injured. The crocodile felt that the prey was weak. In such a situation, he will not have any problem in hunting. But this proved to be his biggest mistake. The eel gathered all its remaining strength in one place and gave such an electric shock to the crocodile from its body that it reminded him of his grandmother.

died in agony
The crocodile had trapped the eel in its jaws. But the fish shocked him with its power. The crocodile was not prepared for this shock. He kept writhing in water. The eel was continuously giving shocks. The fish also knew that these shocks would lead to its death. But he was more in a hurry to take the crocodile’s life than to take his own life. In this attack, both of the eels died. People found this video quite shocking. Till now it has been viewed millions of times.

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