The Cost-Effective ‘Ox Patagonia’ Fully Charges in Five Hours and has a Top Speed of 110 km/h


Spanish company OX Motorcycles uses the electric motorcycle market as a launchpad and concentrates on the essence of design, the use of renewable energy, and the integration of new technologies. Since its inception in 2019, the Madrid-based company has been introducing new products to its lineup at a breakneck pace. The most recent addition is OX Patagonia, a motorcycle brand with a design that is laser-focused on accessible adventure motorcycling. It has a top speed of 110 km/h, a charging time of five hours, an adventure driving mode, a greater height than the brand’s previous models, long-travel suspensions, a more upright riding position, and two colors that are available: Green Parish and an orangey-yellow shade called Ocher Baret.

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Its off-road tires are suitable for any surface thanks to its 17-inch rear wheel with a motor in the hub and 19-inch spoke front, and its metal design, which is embellished on both sides of the fairing, protects it in any environment. Leather side saddlebags with a 14L capacity to carry medium-sized objects and a supported weight of 1.55 kilos hang on the side. A glove box and USB socket are concealed in the area under the tank to store small items and charge mobile devices. Its LED headlight has an integrated windshield and grille for protection and visibility on any surface. The OX Patagonia also features a detachable 72V and 60A battery that weighs 22 kilograms, can be removed through the top of the tank, and charges completely in five hours from any standard outlet.

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Additionally, OX Patagonia offers ELISA, an artificial intelligence app that the company created primarily to enhance the OX driving experience. Riders can know the location and range of their OX and stay connected to it from any location. Additionally, the app allows users to view their most recent trips or driving records. With its GPS function, you can either choose from popular destinations or navigate directly on the motorcycle screen. According to the brand, ELISA will determine whether the riders have sufficient autonomy to complete their trip and estimate their consumption before they even leave. The electric motorcycles of the brand have 360-degree sensors built into them, allowing them to detect other vehicles that are dangerously close to the riders’ OX. In the event of a threat, the handlebar vibrates on the side from which the danger is approaching to give riders time to react to the crisis.

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Whether you want to describe the rider’s destination as extreme, remote, or uneven, the electric motorcycle takes them on a liberating journey. OX Motorcycles’ presentation of Patagonia struggles with poetry. “A rough and crazy experience. A reward for the bold, unconventional, and restless. More traction and power. more enjoyable The buzzwords the brand uses to describe their product are “electric and unstoppable.” The brand advises the user to tune in to the sounds around them, savor the moment, and embark on an adventure without pulling out a map or specifying a destination instead relying on oneself, the inner compass, to direct the journey.

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