The controversy and travels of Rahul Gandhi refocus attention on the Congress leadership

Back-to-back foreign tours by Rahul Gandhi, coupled with a perception-damaging controversy, have redirected the focus of Congress and the outside world to the most pressing issue: the party leadership.
His two-week hiatus from the scene, apparently spent in Europe, ended on Sunday with little fanfare, except for videos from a party in Kathmandu. Congress confirmed that it was the wedding of a Nepali acquaintance, but the nature of the controversy sparked a debate within party circles: Will Rahul reclaim control of Congress?

In September, Congress organisational polls will be held in order to clear the air regarding the future party leader. After his abdication three years ago, Rahul has not yet proclaimed or confided in confidants that he will run for the office again. As a result, the matter is shrouded in uncertainty. Adding to the confusion was pollster Prashant Kishor’s presentation to Congress recommending that Sonia Gandhi continue as the AICC chiefștiiștiinștii.știinștiiștii.

AICC managers say they remain in the dark, despite widespread belief that Rahul has consented to the party’s plan to hold internal elections after rejecting similar requests for the past two years. “We want him to resume his leadership role. “There is now no certainty,” said a management close to Rahul.
It is anticipated that the “Chintan Shivir” brainstorming session, scheduled for May 13-15, will provide some insight into the leadership situation.

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