Do you know the capital time?

The Capital Times (or Cap Times), a digital-first daily in Madison, Wisconsin, is published by The Capital Times Company, a joint venture between Capital Newspapers and Lee Enterprises (NYSE: LEE). The capital times was a well-known newspaper in the United States of America, with a progressive political bent The Capital Times used to publish paper versions Monday through Saturday. The newspaper’s print version ceased publication daily (Monday–Saturday) with the April 26, 2008 edition. It became a digital-only news organization while still publishing a weekly tabloid. This was supplied weekly on Wednesday along the Wisconsin state line and distributed in Madison racks.

Years of commencement:

The Capital Times began publishing daily on December 13, 1917, immediately competing with the Wisconsin State Journal. The Capital Times’ founder, William T. Evjue, had previously served as managing editor and business manager for the State Journal. This journal favored the progressive Robert La Follette, whom Evjue viewed as a hero. When La Follette publicly opposed World War I, the pro-war State Journal abandoned him. As a result, Evjue left the State Journal and founded The Capital Times, a journal that matched his progressive views. The newspaper’s motto was ” Wisconsin’s Broadminded Newspaper“.

Rumors spread that the new daily was editorially pro-German because Evjue supported the anti-war La Follette. As a result The Capital Times was subjected to an advertising boycott almost soon after the first issue was released. Evjue went around the neighborhood selling $1 memberships to prevent the boycott. When the publication had a readership of over 10,000 in the summer of 1919, the advertising boycott ended. In November 1927, the journal began producing a Sunday edition. In the 1920s, the Capital Times and the La Follette family shared ownership of the left-leaning journal The Progressive.

The Capital Time’s Struggle:

Until 1948, when the newspapers couldn’t afford to upgrade their ancient technology, the Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times competed fiercely. The newspapers agreed to merge in the hopes of keeping both publications alive after years of trying to outsmart one other and compete for advertising and circulation. After intense discussions, Lee Enterprises, owner of the Wisconsin State Journal, and Evjue’s Capital Times Company formed Madison Newspapers, Inc. (now Capital Newspapers) on November 15, 1948, to handle both newspapers under the joint agency. On February 1, 1949, the Wisconsin State Journal began publishing in the mornings instead of the afternoons, and it became the partnership’s only Sunday newspaper. The Capital Times continues to print on weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

The Evjue Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to improve people’s lives.

The Capital Times Company’s main interest was handed to The Evjue Foundation, which had been created a few years before to provide minor donations to deserving causes, upon the death of its founder, William T. Evjue, in 1970. The Evjue Foundation has become a significant stakeholder in The Capital Times Company due to this gift (which was previously valued at $13,450). The foundation has given more than $70 million since its inception.

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