The bomber in Ludhiana’s courtroom was charged with drug possession and intended to scare judges and lawyers

Gagandeep Singh, the suspect in the Ludhiana court blast, was due to appear in court in connection with a drug case.

The suspect, Gagandeep Singh, was killed in the explosion at a court in Ludhiana.

Chandigarh: Police said today that a former police officer suspected of being the bomber in a court complex explosion in Punjab’s Ludhiana wanted to scare judges and lawyers because he was facing a drugs charge.
Gagandeep Singh, the suspect, was killed in the explosion. He was a head constable who was fired from the force in 2019 after being arrested for drug trafficking and serving two years in prison. In September, he was released.

Punjab DGP Siddharth Chattopadhyaya told reporters today that Gagandeep Singh was scheduled to appear in court in the drugs case filed against him. According to the police, he devised a scheme to intimidate the judiciary.

Mr Chattopadhyaya said the former head constable was assembling the bomb in a court bathroom when it went off, and it’s unclear where he got the material for the improvised explosive device, or IED.

According to The Indian Express, the blast caused a water pipe to burst, washing away some residual explosives that could have served as crucial clues.

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The bomber in Ludhiana's
The bomber in Ludhiana’s

The police have detained two of Gagandeep Singh’s friends and his brother for questioning. His house was raided and a laptop was seized.

Mr Chattopadhyaya claimed that they were able to solve the case in less than 24 hours. “It was a massive explosion. The site provided us with a large number of leads. The blast was initially thought to have been carried out by the fired cop… He had formed ties with Khalistani and mafia organisations “Mr. Chattopadhyaya spoke to the press. “We can’t say with certainty that Pakistan is involved, but we have suspicions. On this subject, the investigation is still ongoing “According to the officer,

Gagandeep Singh’s SIM card and a wireless dongle assisted in his identification, and his family has confirmed that the body is his.

There appeared to be no evidence of Pakistani agencies or Khalistani groups being involved in the blast, according to Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi, and instead have ties to the drugs case in which former minister Bikram Majithia has been named.

After being named in a case for allegedly allowing drug smuggling through the use of his property or conveyance, financing the distribution or sale of drugs, and criminal conspiracy for smuggling narcotics, Akali Dal leader Bikram Majithia was seeking advance bail at a court hearing in Mohali.

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