Cheer for fans of football! Being the most beloved sport on the planet, football sure has
many histories associated with it. With fan support of over 75 million worldwide,
nicknaming them the ‘Red Devils’, this club has become the biggest one in London. 
Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how this club with humble beginnings rose to the
top and became legendary. 

Formation: The original club was formed in 1878 in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester,
England. The club was then called Newton Health LYR FC. It was renamed and founded again
as the Manchester United FC that we knew today in 1902.

League titles: If numbers can talk, then Manchester’s numbers scream. It has won more
titles than any other premier league club has concerning English football. Having 21
community shields, 3 UEFA Cups, 12 FA Cups, 5 League cups, and 20 League titles. They are
truly an unstoppable force, and fans always want more. You can see the latest performance
and football highlights on Buaksib.

Initial History: The club has its humble beginnings as a railway football club in 1878. It was
founded by the Carriage and Wagon Department of the LYR railway. The objective of this
club was to play against other departments or railway companies. After battling many ups
and downs through the years in First and Second Division games, they were in the limelight
when Matt Busby became their manager. Before that, they had to struggle through some of
their games. There came the point after the first world war that no one took their club

Manager: Matt Busby: Matt Busby became the team manager after the second world war.
Things changed radically during Busby’s reign on the team. He was highly focused on the
player quality and their training. As a result, they won several cups and back-to-back League
titles. They showed the media that they were champions. They were nicknamed Busby’s
Babes as a tribute to acknowledge the hard work that he had put in for the team. This was
when the club was recognized as Manchester United. Busby resigned as their team manager
in 1969, and McGuinness was signed to be the new coach. However, in the season games of
1969-1970-1971, the team did not do so well. Hence, Busby came aboard once again to help
them win. 

1986-2013: Ferguson, as the manager, guided the team to victory in the 1990-91 European
Cup (UEFA). It was their first time winning this cup. This win was huge in terms of the team’s
success and was a measure of Ferguson’s capabilities. Ferguson also led them to become
one of the clubs that won the League titles back to back for three consecutive years, 1998-
99-2000-01. He has received the honour of knighthood for his commendable efforts.
Present Day: Solskjær is appointed as the manager for a term of 3 years after 2019. He led
the team to 14 wins out of 19 matches. Good enough results for placing bets? You can do it
with Sbobet.

Behind the talent and dedication of the players, coaches are with them at all times, helping
them grow. However, to make the team, one has to go behind the scenes because the
managers are sometimes the real masked superheroes.

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