That is the ‘twin’ planet of the Earth, 8 months have 1 day, you’ll begin sweating after figuring out the temperature!

You need to pay attention to how unusual our photo voltaic system is. There will likely be many issues associated to area, photo voltaic system and its planets which will likely be past your information even immediately. At this time, to extend your info, we’re going to let you know a couple of planet (Earth’s twin planet) which is taken into account the dual planet of the Earth and right here it’s 1 day and eight months longer than the Earth. Are you able to inform about this planet with this a lot info?

We’re speaking about Venus. In line with NASA report, Venus (Details about Venus in Hindi), is the second planet from the Solar and is the neighbor of the Earth. This planet can also be referred to as the ‘twin’ planet of the Earth. That is as a result of by way of dimension and density, this planet is nearly equal to the Earth, though the 2 should not similar twins, there are some dissimilarities between them. You may be shocked to know that although Mercury is nearer to the Solar, the temperature of Venus is even increased. The temperature of Venus is as much as 475 levels Celsius. The air strain of Venus is 90 instances greater than that of Earth, just like what you’ll really feel for those who go deep into the ocean.

venus planet facts 1
The temperature of Venus may be very excessive. (Symbolic picture: Canva)

What number of days is a yr?
Now allow us to let you know what number of days are there in a day right here in comparison with Earth. You need to know {that a} day on earth is of 24 hours. However Venus rotates very slowly on its axis. Due to this, a day on Venus is 243 days longer than on Earth (How Lengthy Is One Day on Venus). Which means whenever you full 243 days on Earth, then Venus may have in the future. However this planet revolves across the Solar sooner than the Earth. Due to this, a yr right here is simply 225 days lengthy.

This planet is toxic!
From this you possibly can guess that in the future of Venus is 5,832 hours. The floor of Venus is difficult. There are volcanoes, mountains, trenches and plenty of plateaus right here. Probably the most surprising factor is that this planet can also be toxic. There may be at all times a dense fog of sulfuric acid right here, on account of which the planet smells like rotten eggs.

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