Tata Safari Owner Complains About Rusting

Dealer claims Tata Safari rusting issue here could be because of hard water with unfavourable TDS

Tata Safari Rusting Issue - Dealer calls police
Tata Safari Rusting Issue – Dealer calls police

Buying a car is often an emotional decision for many. Especially when that car is an expensive one. A Tata Safari owner from Faridabad has raised issues regarding rusting on his car with Tata Motors authorised dealer, Autovikas Moti Nagar, New Delhi. His complaint is regarding the quality of the sheet metal used on his Safari SUV.

The owner mentions that within four months of ownership, he has noticed rusting issues in as many as 45 different places. Two months into this known issue, Autovikas Tata Motors has failed to resolve the issue for owner Rocky Vasisth. Matter escalated when the owner brought the Safari to the dealership recently and the dealer called the Police.

Tata Safari Owner Complains Regarding Rust

Due to the arrival of Police at the Tata Motors dealership, there was a lot of commotion. Local media channel, Faridabad News has covered the incident in detail. In the video, the Safari owner takes us around the car and shows where all the rust has taken place. In certain places, the rusting is severely bad.

Rocky says he has paid Rs 21 lakhs for the Tata Safari SUV and had never imagined that this will happen to such an expensive car. He demands a replacement from the Tata Motors dealer, claiming this is something which should not have happened. Take a look at the detailed report below.

In the video Rocky shows severe rusting at multiple locations. Some of the stamped holes have begun rusting along with the door and boot hinges. Even the chassis number stamped, has begun rusting. Engine bay and bonnet have multiple rusting spots as well.

When contacted about the same, Autovikas Tata Motors dealer rejected any possibility of replacement. Shiv Kumar from Autovikas has divulged that Tata Motors is aware of this situation. The dealer claims that the reason for rusting could be Faridabad’s hard water with unfavourable TDS level. The dealer is ready to repaint the rusted parts. This is not acceptable to Rocky, who demands a replacement.

Tata Dealer Calls Police

In an unfortunate turn of events, the Tata Motors dealer called Police at the premises, anticipating a brawl. Assistant Sub Inspector of Police, Robin Singh intercepted the call and reached Autovikas dealership. ASI Singh reported that Autovikas Tata Motors called in anticipation of a brawl by Rocky and his associates.

Dharmendra Pratap from Faridabad News says that he was present on scene before Police arrived. He adds that the dealer called the cops without any tense situation created by Rocky and his associates. With the problem unresolved, Safari owner is planning on taking the issue to consumer court.

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