Tata Harrier Electric SUV Debuts At 2023 Auto Expo

With new rivals expected on the scene in 2023 and beyond, Tata Motors is busy ramping up its EV portfolio

Tata Harrier Electric SUV
Tata Harrier Electric SUV

While Tata Motors currently enjoys market share of more than 80% in EV segment, competition is expected to increase significantly in coming years. To ensure it continues to hold strong, Tata is lining up several new EVs. These will be showcased at 2023 Auto Expo.

Tata upcoming EVs that have high potential to emerge as bestsellers include Harrier Electric and Safari Electric. Of the two, at the Auto Expo 2023, Tata Motors has showcased Harrier EV as well as Sierra EV. Other Tata EVs that are showcased at Auto Expo include Curvv electric concept and Avinya born-electric car.

Tata Harrier Electric SUV

Tata Harrier electric will be targeting a range of around 400-450 km. Battery capacity could be around 60 kWh whereas power and torque output is expected to be close to 200 PS and 400 Nm. 0 to 100 kmph could be achievable in under 10 seconds. The focus will be on improving performance to make it better than the existing ICE-based Harrier and Safari.

Some of the tech features could be borrowed from Nexon EV, for example, multi-mode regen. Based on their driving style and traffic conditions, users can choose from four pre-set levels of regenerative braking. Regen is one of the key equipment that helps boost range. The battery pack and motor will be IP67 rated and powered by state-of-the-art Ziptron technology.

Tata Harrier Electric SUV
Tata Harrier Electric SUV

Multi-drive modes are likely to be available with Harrier electric. Users will be able to choose if they want to extend range or have an exhilarating, full power ride. Drive mode options could be similar to Nexon EV that has Eco, City and Sport modes. Another feature that is expected is an electronic parking brake. Harrier Electric comes in AWD system.

Charging options could be similar to Nexon EV, albeit in higher capacity. There will be the standard home charger that could be connected to any 15A socket, a fast charger option and DC fast charging stations. Battery and motor warranty could be similar to Tata Nexon EV that offers 8 years / 1.60 lakh km, whichever is earlier.

Harrier electric features

While the core silhouette will be largely the same as current model, electric version of Harrier gets some unique styling bits. It is seen in all white colour. In the front is a LED strip with an illuminated Tata Motors logo. Changes introduced are to achieve improved aerodynamics. It will help boost range and also achieve a sensuous profile for the SUV. Some exclusive colour options are likely to be introduced for Harrier electric upon launch.

Tata Harrier Electric SUV
Tata Harrier Electric SUV

Inside, much of the equipment list will be largely the same as available with current models. Some key features include panoramic sunroof, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, ventilated driver and co-driver seats, premium speaker system, air purifier and wireless charger. Connected car tech iRA will be available as well. Harrier electric SUV could get a larger touchscreen infotainment system, in line with industry trends.

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