Tata CURVV EV Bookings in India, Current Price, Features & Waiting Time

CURVV EV by Tata Motors: Are you looking for a reliable and affordable electric vehicle? The Tata Curvv is the perfect vehicle for you! These cars are ideal for those looking for a reliable vehicle that won’t break the bank. The Tata Curvv is also fashionable and versatile, making it ideal for any occasion. Interested in learning more? Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about this popular vehicle!

In India, Tata Motors has unveiled a new electric SUV. The Tata CURVV Electric SUV is its name. Tata Motors also plans to introduce two new electric vehicles in the near future: the Nexon EV and the Altroz EV. Customers who purchase the Tata Motors Curve SUV will be able to select between petrol and diesel engines. Read on to learn more about Tata Motors’ electric car, the Tata CURVV EV, as well as its price and features.

The Tata Curvv EV Concept is a preview of the automaker’s next electric midsize coupe SUV. The Tata Curvv SUV EV has a sloping design and is based on the Tata Sierra EV concept that debuted at the 2020 Auto Expo. Tata Motors is launching the Tata CURVV EV, an electric vehicle. Tata Motors has unveiled a new electric SUV that has received a lot of positive feedback. The ‘Concept Curvv’ is a new electric SUV from Tata Motors that represents a significant step forward for the company.


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The electric vehicle (EV) Curvv is a brand-new car company that stands out from the crowd. To make their cars look different, they hire a new architect and interior designer. Shailesh Chandra, Tata Motors’ Managing Director, unveiled the company’s new design. This design offers new possibilities and concepts that have been combined. Curvv is a new electric vehicle architecture that will make it easier for more people in India to adopt electric vehicles.

The new Tata Motors Curvv SUV comes with a slew of appealing features. It has a long range, which is one of its main advantages. It also has excellent performance and a futuristic design. The hygiene solutions will be safe and dependable, as well as meeting the users’ needs.

Details on the Tata Motors Electric Vehicle

Launch dateMarch 2024
Price in indiaRs. 20.00 Lakh (Expected)
Brand NameTATA
Seating Capacity4, 5 Seater
Article CategoryTrending
Fuel TypeElectric (Battery)
Official Site

Tata CURVV Launch Date

The Tata CURVV is about to make its debut in India! This sleek and futuristic vehicle has piqued the interest of car enthusiasts, and it is sure to make a splash when it hits the streets. This electric vehicle will be available in March 2024. According to the company, this will make it the most cost-effective all-electric vehicle on the market. Tata’s first full-fledged SUV, the CURVV, is set to redefine the segment. The Tata CURVV is designed for city dwellers and luxury car enthusiasts, and it comes with a number of innovative features that will make it a popular choice.

Tata CURVV EV Image
Tata CURVV EV Image

Price of Tata CURVV EV in India

Tata Motors is placing a large bet on electric vehicles, and this move is expected to propel the company to the forefront of the market. This new SUV is just the beginning for the company, which has already invested in electric vehicles and infrastructure. The Tata CURVV is expected to have a significant impact on the traditional SUV market as well. Tata Motors has not released any official information about price or vehicle range.

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Tata Motors Car
Tata Motors Car

CURVV Specifications of TATA Motors

Ambient lighting, a panoramic sunroof, automatic air conditioning, and other features are included in the SUV’s specification. The SUV’s interior is futuristic, with a large touchscreen serving as the infotainment system mounted high on the dashboard. Following that is a digital instrument cluster, which differs from traditional instrument clusters.
The Tata Curvv has a coupe roof and a very sleek design. On both ends, the concept SUV has very short overhangs. The Curvv has a unique design up front.

The LED daytime running light runs across the width of the concept, creating a ‘floating bonnet’ effect. The front bumper is angular in shape and has lights on both sides. The Curvv has a large air intake that should help keep the powertrain cool, even though the grille section is closed off.
The Curvv’s sides have a simple design to them. Large alloy wheels with aero bits adorn the chunky wheel arches, keeping the airflow clean.

Features of the TATA CURVV

The production version of Tata Motors’ Curvv EV SUV is expected to have a certified range of 400-500 kilometres. The Tata Curvv has split headlamps, LED DRL that runs the length of the bonnet, and a tail-width LED tail lamp. The rear spoiler is integrated with the roofline by a large panoramic glass roof.

Tata Motors has designed a new steering wheel for the Curvv. The logo is illuminated in the centre, flanked on either side by two different sets of controls. The EV SUV will be positioned above the mid-size SUV segment and below the premium SUV segment, according to Tata Motors.

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