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New Delhi: In Tamil Nadu, buying alcohol has gone high-tech. At four government-owned iutlets located inside Chennai malls, swanky automatic booze vending machines have been installed. Online or cash payment options are available. At an Elite store located inside a Chennai mall, the Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Ltd. (Tasmac) has installed an automatic liquor dispensing machine.

How Tamil Nadu’s Liquor Vending Machine Works?

This would reduce overcharging at counters, a regular complaint, according to Tasmac sources. The moment a customer touches the device, a menu appears, allowing them to select the alcohol they desire before paying and having the bottle dispensed by the device. (Also Read: Sundar Pichai, Tim Cook Wanted To Hire 2 India-Based Engineers – Know All About Them)

According to sources, this is being done as a trial project, and the government has not yet decided how it will be put into practice elsewhere. Only MRP pricing will be charged by the automated device. (Also Read: Latest RD Rates 2023: 7 Banks Offering Over 7% Interest On Recurring Deposits – Check List)

What Government Minister Said?

Meanwhile, when asked about how securely the device prevents individuals under the age of 18 from purchasing, the state administration said that the vending machines will be manned by salespeople to prevent use by minors.

“As you noticed, is this store open to anyone under the age of 21? From midday till 10 p.m., the store is open. Only under the direct supervision of the store manager or employees is the machine accessible. Private businesses have deployed these devices, Tamil Nadu minister Balaji claimed.

According to the minister, false information was conveyed that the government planned to install these devices in public areas and use them as ATMs. According to him, the machines were put in place at the ‘elite’ outlets as a result of complaints that the spirits were being sold there for more money.

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