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Rules were made for tourists and travelers, tourists became so angry that they said they will never come again

Can it be possible that the government of a country makes some rules for the interests of tourists

The daughter-in-law got nervous at the time of delivery, then the mother-in-law did something that even the doctor was surprised; watch video

Shubham Marmat/Ujjain, An encouraging and proud news has emerged from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. On March 27, something

Welfare committee formed for the marriage of unmarried people, claims to get the marriage done on one phone, call- 930396****

In today's India, many bachelors are searching for marriage. Some people are not getting married because they are

The wife had an affair…the children can’t be mine! Murder of both including grandmother, police surprised to see pharmacist’s conspiracy

Naresh Pareek/Churu: Churu district of Rajasthan…where repeated fire in a house and three deaths had become a headache

When intense solar flare started erupting from the Sun, NASA captured the picture a day ago, the view is amazing

American space agency NASA often shows us amazing pictures of the universe. Sometimes the pictures are so special

Soldiers will now be able to grow beard openly in this country, the 100 year old ban has ended, but some conditions will have to be accepted!

You must have seen in films that soldiers carry out missions in the battlefield with grown beards and

What is the yellow substance dripping from the bathroom wall, why does it leave a mark? Would hardly know the answer!

Look around the world and you will see dozens of strange things that will blow your senses. Take

You just have to scan your eyes and you will know which person is aging faster and who will live a longer life.

To get an accurate estimate of a person's true biological age, it can be very beneficial to look

The new discovery of Mars created a sensation, a volcano bigger than Everest is hidden, it will help in discovering water.

In a unique discovery, scientists have discovered a very huge and unusually shaped volcano on Mars which is

The missing father told his son in a dream that he was buried here, when the field was excavated it was found that…

Mohan Prakash/Supaul. A surprising news has come out from Kishanpur police station area of ​​Supaul district. Here a

This fort has been invincible for 800 years, it was once used as a prison, is famous for its spectacular natural views.

05 Akershus Castle has been an important fortress and royal residence in Oslo, Norway since the 14th century.