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Swing into Style with Women’s Party Wear Tops


It’s time to catch up and get the trendiest party wear tops! Find the right style for you and add it to your wardrobe since party wear tops are essential which every girl and women must-have. 

As we are approaching the spring-summer season, find the latest styles and add them to your cart right away! Let’s breakdown powhat’s trending in party wear tops. 

Pastel Shimmer 

The warm weather is closer than ever and you can smell the spring in the air. When you think of summer, you imagine bright colours that are soft to the eyes, fresh smells that make you feel hooked and a breeze that calms you down. Pastels are a personification of this. And yet it’s an eye-catching colour. They are a perfect set of colours for people who don’t go for bold colours and want to be in the limelight. In party wear tops, people usually imagine colours like black, gold and silver but pastel is a perfect alternative. This year too, pastel’s are making a comeback and in full swing. Combine it with shimmer and you have a perfect combination to wear for a party. Club it with a calf-length flare skirt or a pair of denim shorts and you are good to go. Finish off your outfit with pastel or white sandals or creamed coloured block heels. 

Knot Top

Whether it be bows, tassels or knots, all are a great little addition to your top. They simply elevate your outfit and make it look like you put in a lot of effort and time to get ready. They help add an edge to your complete look. Knots have sneaked their way in and we have noticed. They are certainly in style and are very easy to pair with. Let the knot be the centre of attention and attraction and the rest of your outfit not so eye-catching. The Knotted top look is a fantastic choice for a casual get together or party. Get yourself some necklaces and a tote bag and for a complete look. It’s a very retro style but fits perfectly in today’s modern time and age. Knot tops are a fun option to go for especially for people who are willing to experiment or want to try something new and exciting. 

Off Shoulder 

Imagine this- A crisp white off-shoulder top paired with light blue denim along with white sneakers or converse. Now, this is giving us serious style goals. A perfect look for a hot sunny day but this is also a great option to wear to a party, the top I mean. A spin-off of a women party wear tops, it’s edgy and yet cute, gives your outfit an ‘oomf’ factor. It helps accentuate your collarbones hence making it a fun top to accessorize with. Layer dainty and chunky neckpieces and maybe even a body chain to add that fun and party feel. A great party wear top to pair wedge heeled boots or sliver pencil heels along with high waisted ripped jeans to get that edge in your outfit. Finish off with stud earrings and you’re set.  


This particular trend is definitely making a dramatic comeback. This style of women’s party wear top offers so much variety, small, big, subtle or voluminous- there’s a type to satisfy everyone’s fashion palate. Ruffles tend to add a dimension to your outfit being too much of a distraction. Try and style it with structured lowers to keep the dimension and to make it more balanced visually. Lace is a good option for pairing since it adds that elegance to your complete look, making it perfect for a night out. Going for garments with ruffles is a great option to opt for when you can’t figure out what to wear for a party and are running out of time. Add a belt to further provide structure to your look if the ruffles you go for are in a form of a dress. It helps elevate even the most casual of outfits. Try tucking in your ruffled top in a mini skirt or above knee-length skirt. This also a great choice to go for while deciding what to pair with a ruffled party wear top.  One should try and go for more subtle jewellery as to not distract the eye from the ruffles as they are the fun element of your look. Ideal footwear with ruffled women’s party wear top’s, is strapped sandals or jewelled bellies. 

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