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Surya Singham 3 Full Movie Download in Hindi MP4Moviez, tamilrockers

Surya Singham 3 Full Movie Download in Hindi MP4Moviez, tamilrockers

surya singham 3 movie story

Singam 3 (abbreviated as Si3 or S3) is a 2017 Indian Tamil-language motion thriller film written and directed by Hari. The sequel to Singam II (2013) and the third film in the Singam film series, it stars Suriya and Anushka Shetty (who each reprized their roles in the first two films), while Hansika Motwani (who previously played the lead), in this sequence. Thakur makes a cameo function in the lead roles with Anoop Singh and Shruti Haasan. This is the fifth collaboration of Surya and Hari. The film takes place just months after Singam 2 and focuses on officer Durai Singam’s attempt to solve the murder of Visakhapatnam’s police commissioner Ramakrishna, inspired by more destructive actions rather than masterminds in all the best ways from Australia.

Principal Pictures was started in January 2016 in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The film was launched worldwide on 9 February 2017 along with the Telugu dubbed model, S3 (Yamudu 3).

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It’s just been a few months since Officer Durai Singam arrested drug lord Danny around the world. A tough debate ensues inside the Andhra Pradesh state meeting over the long-pending murder case of Visakhapatnam city police commissioner Ramakrishna. The Andhra Pradesh Home Minister has proposed to recruit Singam from Tamil Nadu as the new DCP in Vizag under the orders of the CBI. As Singam arrives at the Vizag station, he stops an attack by goon gun Ravi, who works for Madhusudan Reddy, Vizag’s most influential and highly effective don.

Singham begins to behave as a Free Finnish officer and secretly investigates the commissioner’s murder. Singam is adopted by Vidya, a journalist in the guise of a scholar, in the hope of writing a narrative on Singam. Singam had earlier pitched his relationship with his wife Kavya Mahalingam to keep them away from enemies, and following constable Veeram’s curiosity, he brushes it off as a divorce, only to reveal this to Inspector Subba Rao.

After briefly confronting Reddy’s man Bhimali Selvam, who ordered the attack on the train station, Singam finds that a constable at the station has fallen ill after consuming an expired medicine pill. With the help of a parole hacker named Murali, Singam tracks down Mallaiya who had taken Ramakrishna to the Vizag port on the night of the murder. A neighborhood teacher told Singam that 32 of his students, including his grandchildren, were killed by toxic fumes emanating from a nearby dustbin.

Singam learns that Ramakrishna meant to expose the illegal dumping of media waste and digital waste, including recycled tablets given to the general public and a smoke attack on the university. The scrap is being imported by Vizag Scrap owner Rajeev Krishna in free supply of metal scrap to metal corporations in Australia. Mallaiah confirmed that Reddy, who authorized the venture in India, killed Ramakrishna to prevent his operation from thwarting.

The actions of both Reddy and Rajeev are overseen by a wealthy Australian export minister and businessman named Vitthal Prasad, who gets full help from his father, Union Minister Ram Prasad. Meanwhile, Vidya writes an article on Singham claiming that she exported Reddy for personal acquisition and that he is corrupt, putting Singham’s position on edge. Singam begins to eliminate and arrest criminals around the city, including Selvam, to whom he arms. Later, he goes to Vizag port to retrieve evidence from Reddy’s containers, however, is attacked by his men while Ravi kills the university instructor. Vittal calls Singam anonymously and threatens to use his influence to kill Singam’s family if he does not stand up.

The next day, Singam followed Ravi and arrested Reddy. He makes private payments to Vittal in Australia by trying to get into Reddy’s contacts and confirms that he is the one behind the illegal dumping. He narrowly escapes from Vittal and returns to India, where he learns that Reddy has been granted bail by three criminals who framed the commissioner for an alleged sexual assault on one of his wives and murder as a retaliation. Justified it. Singam can be fired from CBI for taking turn-talking and Vidya pays positive for defaming him. Singam changes the housing minister to Andhra Pradesh Police in Vizag to chase down Reddy’s men.

He exposes the garbage containers to the general public, forcing Vittal to return to Vizag. When Vittal warns him to live out of his means once again, Singam tells Subbu Rao to have Reddy, who previously killed his nine-year-old son in a metropolitan riot to protect Rama Prasad’s place. was. Singam brings Vitthal to his station and gives him another chance to repent for which he is hurt. Singam and Kavya later go to Thoothukudi to attend the funeral of Kavya’s grandmother. She is adopted by Rajiv, who is arrested.

When Vidya tries to interview Vitthal, she is caught and drugged. With Murali’s help, Singam saves Vidya, however, the focus is on Vitthal’s men who bomb the police station. Singam decides to get it done as soon as possible and will obtain an arrest warrant for Vittal using the laptop evidence of agreements signed by Murali with the hacked medical corporations. The next day, Singam thoroughly follows Vittal to an airport in Telangana and arrests him. Vitthal escapes from custody in a nearby forest, where Singam captures him and kills him in self-defense after a protracted fight.

During the credits, Singam regains his position and prestige while Ram Prasad is far away from wardrobe space to assist his son. Six months after Kavya is revealed to be pregnant and Vidya is in serious touch with Singam after getting engaged with a great prospect. Sam’s boss, Tamil Nadu Home Minister Ramanathan called him on an additional mission. (Source of story – Wikipedia)

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