Sunny Leone: I made my choices and my kids can make their own, too

Sunny Leone has been working in India’s entertainment industry for ten years. In addition to pursuing other entertainment-related endeavors, such as acting in films, hosting television programs, dancing, and appearing in music videos, she has become an entrepreneur in the lifestyle industry. Despite this, Sunny has always managed to be a hands-on parent, sharing equal responsibility with her husband Daniel Weber for their three children, Nisha, Noah, and Asher. And the actress believes that what children need most is the presence of their parents and the opportunity to make their own decisions.

Sunny explained her stance on childrearing by stating, “I don’t believe it requires a lot of money to demonstrate your love for your children. Or offer them with an education. People believe you need XYZ items to demonstrate your love for your child, but this is not the case. You must simply be present for them. A child who is eager to learn and recognizes the importance of education may learn anyplace. Similarly, it does not require a lot of money to raise them with good morals. Values are genuinely free. Yes, children require shoes, clothing, and other items, but these do not cost much. Therefore, as a human and a mother, I must make professional decisions that are beneficial to me.”

sunny leone
sunny leone

She continued, “There are many things about me that my children may dislike when they are older, and we all know what they are. They will understand why and be able to address any inquiries that may occur outside of our home if we communicate effectively.

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They should realize that they are free to make their own decisions so long as they do not cause harm to others. One of my sons aspires to become a fireman. I recently told my daughter Nisha that she can travel the world if she pursues her interests in ballet and music. She is acquiring these two skills. Nisha is tiny and attractive, and she excels at both. As a parent, I find it remarkable how much you can do with your children and how well you can raise them by simply being with them and participating in anything they choose.

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