Sub 4m SUV Sales 2022

Sales in the sub-4m SUV segment saw Tata Nexon at the helm with sales significantly higher over its rivals through every quarter of CY2022

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There is a marked change in vehicle purchasing trend in India. There is added impetus seen in the SUV segments, be it sub-4 meter or compact SUVs. The Indian market, which was once dominated by hatchbacks and sedans, is now dominated by SUVs when it comes to sales.

Assessing top 5 models in the sub 4m SUV segment, that include the Tata Nexon, Maruti Brezza, Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonet and Mahindra XUV300, it was Tata Nexon as the most favoured. In CY 2022 Nexon sales were ahead of each of these models in every month except in September when it was overtaken by the Brezza.

Sub 4m SUV Sales CY2022

Tata Nexon led the segment with a 29.73 percent market share with 1,68,278 units sold, averaging around 14,023 units per month. It was followed by the Maruti Suzuki Brezza with a 23.07 percent market share and average monthly sales of 10,880 units to a total of 1,30,563 units sold during the Jan-Dec 2022 period. At No. 3 was the Hyundai Venue with a 21.32 percent market share with 10,059 unit monthly average sales and a total of 1,20,703 units sold in Cy 2022.

Kia Sonet was also a strong contender on this list. Market share was at 15.24 percent while average sales through CY2022 was at 7,188 units with 86,251 units sold during the same period. At No. 5 was the Mahindra XUV300 with a 10.65 percent market share and 5,022 unit sales on an average per month. Sales of the XUV300 stood at 60,260 units in the Jan-Dec 2022 period.

Sub 4m SUV Sales 2022
Sub 4m SUV Sales 2022

Tata Nexon saw stability in its sales numbers through every month of the past year. Tata Motors, with a continuous reshuffle of the Nexon lineup with new variants and feature updates has kept this sub-4 meter SUV at the top of sales charts. Sales in the first quarter ended with 40,390 units sold which increased to 42,380 units in Q2 period. H1 sales stood at 82,770 units. There were 43,817 units sold in Q3 2022 though sales dipped in Dec 2022 which brought down Q4 sales to 41,691 units. H22022 ended with a total of 85,508 units to total sales of 1,68,278 units in CY2022.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza sales had its ups and downs during the past year. Starting off at 9,576 units in Jan 2022 and at 9,256 units in Feb 2022, sales improved in the following months but dipped significantly in June 2022 to 4,404 units. H1 sales stood at 57,751 units which improved to 72,812 units in H2 2022 to a total of 1,30,563 units in CY 2022.

Venue + Sonet Sales at 2.07 lakh

Close behind was sales of the Hyundai Venue at 1,20,703 units in CY 2022. Venue sales in Q2 2022 was ahead of that of the Maruti Brezza to end H1 2022 sales also higher than the latter at 57,822 units as against Brezza sales of 57,751 units during the same period. Sales of Kia Sonet averaged at around 7,188 units per month through CY 2022 to a total of 86,251 units, ending the Q1 period with 19,929 unit sales. This increased to 20,758 units in Q2 and to 24,344 units in Q3. However sales fell to 21,220 units in Q4 2022. Together, Venue and Sonet sales were at 2.07 lakh units, with 36.56% market share.

Mahindra XUV300 saw a steady rise in sales through each quarter of 2022. Commanding a 10.65 percent market share with average monthly sales of 5,022 units, Q1 sales ended at 13,201 units which increased to 13,685 units in Q2 2022. Q3 sales of the XUV300 increased to 16,339 units and improved even further to 17,035 units in the Q4 2022 period to end CY2022 with 60,260 unit sales.

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