Street Twin will be Renamed Street Scrambler by Triumph

This renaming, however, will not be accompanied by any mechanical changes.

Triumph Motorcycles will streamline its model lineup, bringing its smaller neo-retro offerings in line with the larger ones and distinguishing the models with different badge capacities. The models in question, the Street Twin and Street Scrambler, will be renamed the Speed Twin 900 and the Scrambler 900, respectively.

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The changes were first filed in Australia, and now they’ve been filed in the United States as well, implying that this won’t be a regional decision, but will likely apply to the entire lineup worldwide.

  • No mechanical changes to accompany this renaming move
  • New paint schemes likely to be on offer
  • Renamed models could be launched very soon

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What’s in a Name, Anyway?

Except for the badging on the side panels, these models will essentially remain unchanged. “This variation submission is to simply change the commercial name (Marketing Designation) from ‘Street Twin’ to ‘Speed Twin 900’… only the side panels change,” according to information obtained from paperwork submitted to the US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) and Australia’s Road Vehicle Regulator.

The same goes for the Street Scrambler, which will be renamed Scrambler 900, just like its bigger brother, the Scrambler 1200.

Both of Them Need New Clothes

When these renamed models are released, Triumph will most likely offer new paint schemes. The changes to these models are for the MY2023, which means they will most likely be released later this year.

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Is There a Speed Triple 765 on The Horizon?

Questions about the ‘Street Triple’ designation have arisen as a result of the changes to these models. The Street Triple was the first Triumph model to use the ‘Street’ nameplate to identify a smaller model, helping to differentiate it from the Speed Triple 1050 of the time.

It was a runaway success for Triumph, combining the engine from the former Daytona 675 supersport with upright ergonomics – effectively making it one of the first naked bikes to hit the market.

However, since the Street Triple’s larger-engined sibling is now known as the Speed Triple 1200 rather than simply the Speed Triple, it’s possible that the Street Triple will be renamed to the Speed Triple 765.

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