Star Air Completes Proving Flight For Newly Inducted Embraer E175 Aircraft: Watch Video | Aviation News

Regional airline Star Air has successfully completed a testing flight with its brand-new Embraer E175 aircraft. On May 9, 2023, at 13:42, flight S5 170 took off from Bengaluru International Airport and touched down at Hyderabad International Airport at 14 hours and 14 minutes later. Returning flight S5 171 took off from Hyderabad at 17:03 and arrived in Bengaluru at 18:45.

Modern regional jet the Embraer E175 features cutting-edge technology, great fuel efficiency, and a roomy cabin that can carry up to 76 passengers. Advanced avionics aboard the aircraft, including fly-by-wire controls and a glass cockpit, offer a safety and operating efficiency. 

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The performance and systems of the aircraft, as well as the airline’s procedures, SoPs, and compliance with regulatory requirements, were thoroughly tested during the proving flight by a group of highly skilled pilots, engineers, and DGCA representatives. The flight demonstration includes all aspects of flight, including takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and landing, as well as different flight modes, to show the aircraft’s versatility in a variety of situations and the operational readiness of ground teams to handle routine tasks as well as unforeseen events.

Following the successful completion of the proving flight, Star Air is now ready to begin commercial operations with the Embraer E175. The aircraft will be deployed on regional routes, providing passengers with a comfortable and efficient travel experience. “We are thrilled to have successfully completed the proving flight for our new Embraer E175 aircraft,” said Captain Simran Singh Tiwana, CEO of Star Air. “This aircraft is a game-changer for our regional operations, and we look forward to providing our passengers with a superior travel experience. We are committed to operating at the highest standards of safety, and the successful proving flight is a testament to our commitment.” 

Star Air is a regional airline operating in India with an all-jet aircraft fleet, and a deep focus on providing affordable and convenient travel options to its passengers. With the addition of the Embraer E175 to its fleet, Star Air is well-positioned to expand its network in the sub-continent.

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