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Sports betting: Is it relevant in 2021?


Introduction of Sports betting

The betting website and the general betting market is crowded nowadays. More regions around the globe approve the activity, and more bookmakers keep emerging. The availability of more choices is not a bad thing since it encourages competition among bookmakers.

The competition leads to service commitment and development. 

Sports betting in 2021

The pandemic led to various struggles in the betting industry, but that has not stopped the betting business. Compared to 2020, 2021 is likely to be more exciting for sports lovers.

Last year things were on and off. Several major and minor sports did not take place. 

The pandemic is still on, but things are getting back to normal. It might take some time before people go back to watching matches in groups. However, betting is still relevant, and more people participate each day. 

Below are what sports enthusiasts can expect to witness in 2021.

Crypto betting

The main thing attracting people to gambling is convenience. The top betting platforms offer reliable payment options. One of the most famous ones is cryptocurrency.

The previous year was tough for most people, but it was the best time for individuals to use cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s worth went up to twenty thousand dollars some time back, but in 2020 it got even better.

Currently, BTC’s worth is above thirty-one thousand dollars. So, it has attracted many people. Even companies have introduced it, including betting sites.

Crypto gambling emerged several years back. However, it has not developed fully. Some gambling companies support BTC and other cryptocurrencies. 

Since cryptocurrency keeps growing, betting companies can expect to get more users. Also, more bookmakers will introduce crypto transactions.

Betting on mobile devices

Technology has advanced, making betting easily accessible. Phones are significant in the ongoing advancement of the betting industry. In addition, most bookmakers permit betting on mobile. 

In 2021 when land betting places remain closed due to the pandemic, bettors can still bet online. In addition, top sports leagues such as EPL and NBA will happen, implying punters still have so much to expect despite the pandemic.

The only way to ensure the COVID-19 virus does not spread is by staying at home. So, bookmakers may center on web and mobile betting. Anyone that wishes to bet on any sport can expect more mobile services. The apps are more convenient to use in betting. Phone applications also make in-game betting simpler. The betting type is likely to be more available in 2021. The odds are only accessible for a short time, and bettors can see their options faster with phones.

Betting on e-sports

The e-sports sector has been advancing lately. The pandemic even boosted it further. Since most events got canceled in 2020, many individuals switched to e-sports betting.

The number of people taking e-sports more seriously is higher now compared to the previous years. Moreover, the reward in such matches keeps going up every year. For example, in 2020, the win for Counter-Strike was above fourteen million dollars. 

As the e-sports sector keeps advancing, additional bookmakers will want to provide odds on games such as Call of Duty, DOTA 2, Fortnite, etc.

Some of the tournaments that punters can expect this year include:

  • ESL Pro Tour.
  • FIFA World Cup.


Generally, this year is likely to be great for most punters. Also, the betting industry will grow in the future. Reports show that it can increase at 9.99/5 from now to 2027. So, competition between bookmakers is going to be challenging within that period. Also, the betting companies’ services are likely to improve.

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