Special Projects by the Indian Railways and their impact on travel Accessibility

Over the last decade, the Indian Railways has undergone a massive transformation. It has achieved numerous milestones and walked along the upward digital trajectory. It is worthy to note that Indian railways have now achieved their best safety record. The record has been set in nearly six decades. Along with this, it holds the title for highest ever track renewal in a fiscal year. And, a worthy mention for making easy accessibility to the cities in the northeast and electrifying a significant portion of its network.

Remember the days when railways played a huge role in our travel plans. It still has a significant role, but there have been better alternatives, including train ticket booking online and checking the availability across the stations, finding nearest stations, and the catering services.

Indian Railways is working on its ambition to become “Future Ready.” this will be aided by delivering 58 supercritical & 68 essential projects in the coming few years. As per the data from the Ministry of Railways, there is a total of 29 Super Critical Projects which cover 1,044 Km in length. These projects were completed in the past year. And, even despite the constraints of Covid, Indian Railways is moving quickly to finish projects for boosting track capacity. 

It should be noted that the majority of Indian Railways traffic travels on Golden Quadrilateral, High-Density Network, and Highly Connected lines. Alongside, Indian Railways designated a 3750 Km plan with 58 Super Critical Projects. Besides, it has the target of completing 27 of the 58 Super Critical Projects by December 2021. According to the Ministry of Railway: the high density & highly used network routes have 51 percent of the route length. But the amazing part is that these routes carry 96 percent of traffic.

These projects are designed for early completion to reap the advantages of investment through targeted funding and regular monitoring. When completed, these improvements will improve mobility, safety, and capacity for more passenger and freight trains on these congested and busy lines. Budget allocation has been prioritized for these highlighted projects to complete them as soon as possible.

Indian Railways has completed various critical and capacity-building projects beyond the digital movement of train ticket booking online in states such as Assam, West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Uttarakhand. Here are a few examples:

1) the State of Assam

Assam is a part of north-eastern India with rugged terrain. Laying down railway tracks is a difficult task for this kind of terrain. However, Indian railways made it possible! The second line track on Naranarayan Setu has been commissioned on the Brahmaputra River of the New Bongaigaon-Guwahati section, which will provide significant relief on this section.

Earlier, the visitors to this beautiful land had multiple problems in commuting from one place to another. The major problem was finding buses and cabs. Therefore, this problem had a significant impact on tourism and earning of the locals here. This area has got better tourism footfall since the inception of the better rail network and easy train ticket booking online.

2) West Bengal Region

Despite the Pandemic COVID-19, Indian Railways successfully commissioned two projects in West Bengal, namely Katwa-Bazar Sau & Azim Ganj-Bazar Sau, in May 2021.

Both of these lines are critical for the traffic flowing from Bardhhaman to Sahib Ganj for coal transit to this area’s major Thermal Power Stations. 

3) Maharashtra

In the summer of 2021, Indian Railways commissioned a Super Critical project in the Maharashtra region. It laid down the Bhusaval-Jalgaon 3rd line, which would reduce the significant bottlenecks of travel in this area. Furthermore, this project provided much more relief for train service in Khandwa and Bhusaval region.

4) Uttarakhand

This is one of the favourite summer hotspots of the travel freaks. The eye-catching beauty and unique things to do here are present on the wishlist of almost every Traveller in India. The number of tourists can be estimated based on train ticket booking onlinefor this route. 

People book the tickets months ago for this destination, and sometimes even then, it becomes a challenging task to find a suitable train. The whole route from the National Capital to Haridwar through Meerut and Roorkee has become a double line. It will increase timeliness on this congested route and allow a smooth transition for travellers!

Following the completion of the aforementioned Supercritical projects, there will be altogether better services. First and foremost, there will be more line capacity for the smooth movement of passengers. Besides, it will be easier to move along the congested routes, and the train speed will be significantly increased. 

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Chenab River Bridge

The Chenab rail bridge is a kind of project that will be aided and supported by Indian railways. This bridge will stand 359 meters tall, and it is being built between Bakkal and Kauri in Jammu and Kashmir’s Reasi district. 

It is considered one of the most complex projects of all time. Even then, some people find a travel plan to this route easy because there are accessible facilities for finding accommodation and train ticket booking online. However, things have been much easier after the implementation of this one-of-a-kind project.

It is estimated to be about 35 meters taller than the world-famous Eiffel Tower also. The Konkan Railways’ 345-kilometer-long Kashmir train link is one of India’s most costly railway projects.

The bottom line:

With the global surge in online processes, there has been an equivalent impact in India! The methods have achieved a speed like never before, with all the efficiency and effect. Whether it is train ticket booking onlineor finding the quickest payment gateway- you can do it all under one platform. Irctc has got some fantastic apps with a plethora of services under one umbrella. Besides, there is addition of private players in the market who have made the processes much easier and faster.

Altogether, Indian railways are growing leaps and bounds, and it will be continually increasing if it follows the same path of technology and advancements!

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