Sonia Gandhi Attempts to Unfurl The Congress Flag on the 137th Foundation Day

The Congress tricolour slipped off the flagpole at AICC headquarters on Tuesday morning as party president Sonia Gandhi attempted to unfurl it to commemorate the party’s 137th anniversary.

Gandhi pulls the flag to unfurl it as a party member assists her, according to a video published on Twitter. The flag dropped into Gandhi’s hands in front of hundreds of workers.

Gandhi, along with party treasurer Pawan Bansal and AICC general secretary KC Venugopal, displayed the party tricolour briefly, demonstrating presence of mind.
After the flag was flown again, party members replaced the flag pole and the ritual was repeated.

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Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, and Mallikarjun Kharge were among the senior Congress leaders present at the party headquarters.

Sonia Gandhi
Sonia Gandhi

“Today, we renew our commitment to our organization’s beliefs, values, and principles, which have been fashioned, guided, and inspired by some of the best, noblest, and most selfless Indians of the twentieth century,” she stated.
She further claimed that divisive ideologies based on hatred and bigotry were attempting to undermine the solid foundation created by party leaders over the years in order to build a strong India. “History was being fabricated, and despicable efforts were being undertaken to eradicate the country’s Ganga-Jamuni culture.””

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She promised that the Congress would not be a bystander and that no one would be allowed to damage the country’s unique legacy.

Divided ideologies based on hatred and bigotry, which played no role in the liberation movement, are now wreaking havoc on our society’s secular fabric, Gandhi stated. Gandhi’s comments came at a time when a fringe group of Hindu religious leaders has slandered Mahatma Gandhi and glorified his killer Nathuram Godse as a symbol of truth and religion.

“They’re rewriting history to give themselves a role they don’t deserve,” says the author. They stoke passions, engender fear, and sow discord. Our parliamentary democracy’s best traditions are being deliberately harmed “The President of the Congress stated. “Let there be no doubt about our unwavering commitment. We have never, and will never, compromise on our core values, which are a part of our illustrious history “she stated
“Electoral ups and downs are unavoidable, but our dedication to serving all members of our diverse society is persistent and durable.” “Gandhi went on to say that the party would make any sacrifice necessary to combat these anti-people plots.

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