Sonakshi did wrong with her sweetheart in school, and now she’ll be Salim Khan’s daughter-in-law

Sonakshi Sinha, who made her Bollywood debut in Salman Khan’s Dabangg, is getting married shortly. According to speculations, Sonakshi would soon be the wife of none other than Salman Khan’s family.

Salman Khan hasn’t said anything about Sonakshi’s relationship, but it’s widely assumed that Salim Khan will become her father-in-law.

Sonakshi is rumoured to be marrying a member of Salim Khan’s family named Iqbal Zaheer. Iqbal and Sonakshi have also announced their engagement.

Let us remind you that Sonakshi Sinha just announced in front of the entire world that she would marry Salim Khan and make him her father-in-law. At the same time, when it comes to Salman Khan, Iqbal Zaheer is regarded as his younger brother. Iqbal and Sonakshi have been spotted together at a number of events.

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Sonakshi Sinha

Previously, certain images of Sonakshi and Salman Khan got viral. In these photos, Sonakshi and Salman resembled a bride and groom. After then, there were rumours that Sonakshi and Salman had married in secret. However, it was eventually proven that these photographs were taken.

When it comes to job, Sonakshi’s resume isn’t particularly impressive. Apart from Salman Khan’s flicks, all of the stars with whom Sonakshi has appeared on screen have had box office failures.

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