“sMothered”: Full new cast list revealed

A mother and daughter share the closest bond in the world. However, there are few things that every mother or child keeps private. To check the bond between a mother and daughter, TLC has come up with the latest show ‘sMothered’. The show’s first premiered on June 9, 2019, leaving audiences in shock. Now it’s time to witness another interesting season with the show’s renewal. View the latest updates.

“sMothered” is one of the top TRP shows, with a bucket full of fun elements to wow the audience. From showering together in the same bathtub to sharing dark secrets, the show has captured the public’s attention. After the stunning success of the two seasons, fans are now curious about the next edition. So, finally, “sMothered” season 3 is coming out soon. The makers return with some fresh mother-daughter duos. So, fans are getting ready for a new journey full of craziness and fun.

Full new cast list revealed

“SMothered” Season 3 Full Cast List

According to our sources, three new mother-daughter duos will be added to the third season to spice up the show. Amy and Carina are the first duos all set to rock the show. Recently they revealed their strong bond and their love for animals and nature.

The second duo that comes up is Karla and Rykia. It will be interesting how this duo comes out of their relationship and gets the praise from the fans.

The third couple is Lisa and Lauren. They are incredibly close and their bond seems unbreakable. Fans are excited to see the new duo perform in ‘sMothered’.

Aside from the three duos, some longtime cast members join the third chapter of “sMothered.” The new duos will team up with the three old duos, who will make their comeback. Sunhe and Angelica, Dawn and Cher, and Kathy and Cristina will be back again to win the hearts of the audience. The arrival of a new cast and the return of the old players will make Season 3 full of interest, craziness and fun.

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