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New Delhi: Actress Shruti Sodhi who has predominantly worked in Punjabi and Telugu films is set to make her Hindi debut with film ‘Ab Dilli Dur Nahin’ starring as a female lead opposite actor Imran Zahid. Directed by Kamal Chandra, the story chronicles the journey of a small-town boy aspiring to become an IAS officer which is slated to be released on 12th May. Director Mahesh Bhatt will be seen playing a cameo in this film. 

Sharing about why she chose this film to make her Hindi debut she says, “I was looking for a good script in Hindi to play a good part. This character has a very strong part, and she is holding the film in a certain way as much as the male lead. So, for me that was very attractive because there was lot to do in the film with different kinds of scenes and a great opportunity to deliver a good performance and make my presence felt.” 

Shruti further mentioned, “Also, the fact that Mr Mahesh Bhatt showed a lot of faith in the script and was creatively involved, and things were done under his guidance so that made me feel very confident about this project. Also, the script was first a play which is converted into a film, so I believe it has gone through a series of fine tuning and that’s why I was very sure to choose this project as my Hindi debut.” 

Giving insights about her character she tells, “Niyati is a very strong, ethically and morally grounded girl with very clear values. She is shown as somebody who is inclined towards her family. Because her value system is very strong, she’s able to take a very tough decision for love that changes the course in the film which you will see.” 

Describing her working experience with Imran Zahid she shares, “Working with Imran was great. He was very thorough and well versed with his character. He has put a lot into research and worked really hard.” Written by Dinesh Gautam, the plot is inspired by Delhi-based IAS officer Govind Jaiswal’s life. Produced by Vinay Bhardwaj, Syed Z and Sanjay Mawar, under the banner of Shining Sun Studios. 

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