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Shopping For Lace Front Wigs


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Put: Lace front wigs offer the most natural-looking hairline. If you want to maintain the illusion of naturally growing hair from the scalp line, consider purchasing lace front wigs.

Whatever the reason for wearing a wig, every wig wearer has one goal in mind: for the wig to look as natural as possible. Unless you are going to a masquerade ball or Halloween event, most people want their wig to look as natural as possible by having the hair appear to be growing out of their scalp along any exposed hairline. That is exactly what is achieved when wearing a good-quality lace front wig.

These wigs have a section of lace along the front edge. This lace section is usually between half an inch and three inches, depending on the wig manufacturer. The longer the lace line, the more natural the look that is achieved. This section of lace has the individual hair strands attached, frequently by hand, to the lace. Most synthetic lace front wig constructions have cap back constructions that are usually machine-made, preventing you from wearing the hair swept up in the back or a ponytail. If you desire these styling options, you need to look for a FULL lace wig, which is more expensive.

Lace front wigs are available with synthetic hair or human hair. There are many benefits to human hair lace wigs beyond the natural look and feel of the product. Lace front wigs with human hair can be permed, washed, and styled. You can even shower or sleep in them. Quality human hair products offer all the options for styling, as does natural hair. However, they are considerably more expensive.

Many top wig manufacturers offer their variation of Lace front wigs. Each manufacturer has a unique branding name for its products. For example, Jon Renaud’sSmart Lace Technology features a pre-cut front made of lace with individually hand-timed fibers that will not unravel if trimmed and do not require tape or adhesive. Raquel Welch’s Memory Cap 11 construction features lace front cap construction with an invisible hairline. The manufacture notes that this type of wig is designed for hair loss clients. Henry Margo offers wigs for both adults and children. Esthetical Wigs is another manufacturer offering 100% hand-stitched synthetic and human hair front lace line/lace front wigs. They, too, have a transparent extra thin lace film that contours to your forehead yet requires no tape or glue. Other notable companies that feature these wigs are Gabor and Tony of Beverly.

Products from these manufacturers can be found at, a unique Internet boutique. Their store features an amazing selection of products available in all styles, short, medium, long, curly, straight, in various beautiful colors. In addition, e-Wigs guarantee the lowest price for every wig, along with free shipping in the continental United States.

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