Shilpi Raj’s song ‘Relia Re’ in top music list after ‘Raja Ji Khoon Kaeeda

Shilpi Raj’s trending songs: Shilpi Raj’s songs, the star of the Bhojpuri music industry, are always a hit. His new song, ‘Reliya Re,’ has climbed to the top of YouTube’s music charts.

Shilpi Raj, a star singer in the Bhojpuri music industry, is known for her powerful voice. Their stars are currently in the seventh sky. If she brings a song (Shilpi Raj Songs), it immediately becomes popular. In such a situation, his Neelam Giri-starrer song ‘Raja Ji Khoon Kaida’ has remained on YouTube’s top music list, and now his new song ‘Reliya Re’ has joined it. Done, which was only recently released on YouTube.

Shilpi Raj's song
Shilpi Raj’s song

‘Srivalli’ from the film ‘Pushpa’ is at No. 1, ‘Oo Antava’ is at Nos. 2 and 3, and ‘Saami-Sami’ is at No. 4. Songs, too, have a place in the world. Among all of these music videos, two songs from the Bhojpuri industry have caught everyone’s attention by making it to the top of India’s Top Music Videos. These songs were sung by popular singer Shilpi Raj, and both songs have made it to the top of India’s Top Music Videos. It came in 10th place, behind ‘Raja ji Khoon kaidas’ (Raja ji Khoon kaida), in which actress Neelam Giri gave an outstanding performance, and ‘Relia Re,’ in which Shweta Mahara (Shweta Mahara) won everyone’s hearts with her innocence.

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Last week, Shilpi Raj’s song “Relia Re” was ranked 11th in India’s top music videos, but this week it has climbed two spots to 9th, which is great news for Bhojpuri music fans. It’s a question of. A song from the Bhojpuri industry has made it into India’s top music videos for the first time. Previously, this song was ranked 25th, then 15th, then 11th, and finally 9th, outperforming all other songs. ‘Relia Re’ was filmed on Bhojpuri industry’s Babli girl actress Shweta Mahara, who gave an outstanding performance.

On this occasion, Ratnakar Kumar, MD, Worldwide Records, stated that the song “Relia Re” from Shilpi Raj, which was released by our company, has made it to the top of India’s music videos. We had a lot of fun making this song, and we shot it on sets in a very family-friendly environment. We still can’t believe this song came in ninth place in the India Top Music Videos competition. Its entire team is deserving of praise.

What did Shilpi Raj have to say about it?

‘I am thankful to all the audiences who have brought this song among the top music videos,’ Shilpi Raj said of her success. We Bhojpuris have also proven that we are no less than anyone else. Thank you, Janta, for placing my song ‘Relia Re’ at number nine among Bollywood songs.’

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