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Shershaah Movie Review: Ken Vikram Batra and His Latest Movie Closly

Shershaah has received a lot of love from the Indian public and the film has once again made the country proud of his son. Based on the true incident of Captain Vikram Batra and his life. Kargil war was held on May 3, 1999, where Pakistani armies occupy Tiger Hill.

Vikram Batra along with his fellow soldier began to climb the mountain to occupy it. The thing to note here is that this situation was in favor of the Pakistani troops because they were at a higher altitude and our Indian troops had to go all around the mountain.

The film tells a short story about the soldier and his life. One of my favorite dialogues that gives me chills is “If you are a soldier, you live by chance, you love by choice and you fight as a profession”.

This movie will teach you a detail about the young soldier Vikram Batra and how he made the Kargil war successful. With the direction of Vishnuvardhan, the film is well acclaimed by Indians across the country. The hashtag makes it onto trending pages and the critics have included positive feedback.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the movie and our superhero, Vikram Batra. Keep reading to find out all about him.

Shershaah movie just released, but do you know the love life of Vikram Batra? Dimple Cheema, who still lives as a widow without marrying his love, makes us all believe in love. read this article to know all about her and the movie,

Shershaah: a movie about a patriot and love story

Shershaah movie updates

Sheershaah, a true patriot movie, was announced a year earlier. Kargil day is just over and we know our country’s rising hero through the war. With this film, the direction of Vishnuvardhan has done an amazing job and makes every Indian remember the sacrifices of our great Indian soldier at the border.

In addition, the film is the visual representation of a soldier’s life while in danger. For a common man, we never really cared about others to our personal pain. Based on the true story of a hero who didn’t think twice about sacrificing his life for the country.

For his sacrifice, the soldier received PVC (Param Vir chakra), the highest glory of the Indian defense army.

the movie stars Siddharth Malhotra starring, dressed in the green uniform and amazing enough to make the audience believe in his acting skills. There is no doubt that the Shershaah would be a turning point in this actor’s life.

Along with him we have Kiara Adwani who plays the character of Dimple Cheema, the love interest of Vikram Batra. Dimple’s life is still the most prominent to touch with the death of his love or fiancée. There is a scene where we saw that they both got married in the temple and promised to get married when the war is over. But fate has written something else for both of them.

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Shershaah Review

Shershaah movie updates

My rating- 5/5

The movie comes out at just the right time. We just crossed over Kargil Day and now Indian Independence Day is here to celebrate. In all of these things, a good patriot movie is all you need to watch. The Kargil War is one of the most important parts of Indian history and no matter how much we grow over time.

According to the audience, the film has everything they expected. Vikram Batra, the Kargil hero, has sacrificed his own life for the goodwill of people. It’s been almost 22 years and I couldn’t believe everything is moving so fast. With this film, people will recognize his sacrifice and that the military is not about dying. It’s about life. People have envisioned the defense as the platform where they are willing to sacrifice.

I wouldn’t say the Shershaah is a true patriot or true romantic movie, but it’s a mixture of both. The film shows how a soldier is devoted to the country while keeping her love life with him. Watching the movie would surely make you shed tears, whether you see Vikram’s mother getting his son’s last belongings or his fiancée seeing his body.

I really enjoy the film’s dialogue which makes it worth watching. Every second of the film focuses on the true hero, Vikram Batra, and his life.

Sure, the military teaches and trains in such a way that they won’t think twice about being sacrificed for the country, but what about their families? Their loved ones? I can’t even believe how much it makes her fiancé, who is still a widow to him, and this family that has lost their child.

I hope there will be more recognition for this film and appreciation for Vikram Batra for being such an amazing soul in his own right.

Shershaah is the title given to senior Vikram Batra as he prepared for war. Pakistan has occupied the Kashmir region and our Indian soldiers fought bravely. The movie has been

How does the audience react to this film?

For me, Shershaah would be one of the most successful movies for Indian cinemas. Because India07 has abandoned hopes for Bollywood long ago, but since Shershaah has already been released, it seems like India07 has regained hope.

Based on the true life of Captain Vikram Batra and his love for her betrothed and his country would always warm our hearts and soften our eyes. For the audience, they have loved the film in every way. It’s been less than 24 hours since the release of Shershaah and the #shershaah is trending on Twitter.

13k people have already voted for the film on Google and the audience rating summary has an average of 4.9 stars, which is the highest. I’ve seen such positive feedback from the people and how they interacted with this movie in every possible way. They love the acting of Siddharth Malhotra and personally he did a great job.

Many believe that the Shershaah would be the beginning of the journey of Shidharth’s career. The actors have made movies that haven’t, but I think things will change with this patriot movie.

India07 has recognized the film as “Best Picture of 2021” and also as “Best Patriot Film”.

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