Shari Baloch, MPhil graduate and former teacher in Karachi, became a suicide bomber

Shari Baloch’s explosive smashed through a Confucius Institute van at the University of Karachi, killing three Chinese professors and injuring one, as well as causing multiple Pakistani injuries.

Shari Baloch, the suicide bomber who killed three Chinese nationals Tuesday at the University of Karachi, was a primary school teacher and intellectual, according to Pakistani media reports cited by PTI.

The 30-year-old mother of two little children had posted a farewell note on her Twitter account ten hours before she carried out the attack. The explosion set off by the Baloch woman smashed through a van belonging to the Confucius Institute at the University of Karachi, killing three Chinese teachers and injuring one, as well as inflicting fatalities on Pakistanis.

Shari was a primary school teacher from Balochistan’s Kech district. She earned a bachelor’s degree in education in 2014 and a master’s degree in education in 2018. She also earned a master’s degree in zoology from the University of Balochistan and an MPhil from the Muhammad Iqbal Open University.

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Her father worked for a government agency and was also a three-year member of the district council. Baloch is married to a dentist and has a brother-in-law who is a lecturer. According to PTI, one of her uncles is a novelist, a former professor, and a human rights activist.

Shari Baloch
Shari Baloch

“Shaari joined Majeed Brigade two years ago and volunteered for a selfless purpose. She was given opportunity to reconsider her decision in accordance with Brigade’s established processes. Shaari served in several units of Majeed Brigade over these two years “According to a statement issued by the Balochistan Liberation Army.

Shari Baloch, according to accounts, remained a member of the Baloch Students Organisation (BSO-Azad) throughout her student years. Notably, save for a fifth cousin who was killed during a military operation in Kech in 2018, none of her family members are missing or subject to enforced disappearance.

The BLA is opposed to Chinese investment in Pakistan, particularly in restive Balochistan, claiming that local people are disadvantaged. Balochistan, which borders Iran and Afghanistan, has a long history of deadly rebellion.

Baloch rebel organizations have launched a series of attacks against the USD 60 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects in the past.

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