Shani Shingnapur Temple Full Story | History, dress code?

Hello, Friends Welcome to Our Blog As you all know, on our blog, we talk about stories related to history and religion, and convey some interesting information related to you. The topic of our post today is the miraculous Shani Shingnapur Temple, so let’s talk about it.

There are many temples of Shani Dev in India, one of them is the main Shani temple of Shinganapur located in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.

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What is special about Shani Shingnapur Temple?

The specialty of Shani temple is that there is no idol of Shani Maharaj here but there is a big black stone which is considered to be the Deity of Shani and it sits on a marble platform under the open sky without any roof.

People from all over the world come here to get rid of Saturn’s wrath and get the blessings of freedom from the ill effects of Shani by worshiping Shani Deity.

It is believed that Shani never bothers the person who did the first consecration of Shani Maharaj here.

Shani Shingnapur Temple

The Story of Shani Shingnapur TempleWhy is Shani Shingnapur famous?

The story of Shani Maharaj reaching Shinganapur is very interesting. Due to heavy rains in Shinganapur centuries ago, the flood situation came here due to the rain disaster.

In the meantime, Shani Maharaj came in the dream of a villager, in the meantime, Shani Maharaj said that I am present as a Deity in the Panash Nalla, pick up my Deity and bring it to the village.
In the morning, the villagers told the villagers that everyone went to the Panash Nalla and all were surprised to see the Deity of Saturn present there.

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Shani Shingnapur Temple

The villagers started taking that Deity together, but not until the Deity shook all returned, Shani Maharaj came again in the dream of the same person and told that if any maternal uncle-nephew pick me up, only then I will rise from that place and put me in that bullock cart. Bringing a deity in which the ox is also the uncle-nephew.

The next day when that person told this, then a maternal uncle-nephew picked up the Vigraha and sat on a bullock cart, brought Shani Maharaj to the village, and installed it at the place where Shani Vigra is present.

After the establishment of this Deity, the prosperity and prosperity of the village began to increase, the Deity of Shani Dev situated in this wondrous Shani temple of Shinganapur is about 5 feet 9 inches height, about 1 foot wide, the devotees from the country and abroad will come here and take advantage of this rare sight of Shani Dev. Huh.

In this temple, women are prohibited from going to Saturn Deity. Women visit Shani Dev from a distance.

Is there any dress code in Shani Shingnapur?

Morning and evening, winter or summer, it is necessary for men to bathe and wear dhoti to get near Shani Deity Without doing this, men cannot touch the Deity Saturn. Every Saturday there is a huge crowd of devotees on the occasion of Shani Jayanti and Shani Chari Amavasya, etc. Usually, there are many misleading beliefs in our mind about Shani Dev, as Shani Dev is a very troublesome deity. Etc. Etc But it’s not like that in real terms.
If the worship of Shani Dev is carefully done, then there is no god better than Shani Dev.
All the doors of success open for the person who has the grace of Shani.

Why there is no doors in Shani Shingnapur?

It is noteworthy that in most of the houses of Shinganpur, there is no window door and locker if the doors are installed, then only because the curtains are not stolen here.
It is said that Shani Maharaj himself punishes anyone who steals.
Shani Dev is pleased with the villagers, he is not afraid of theft, so maybe the door and window cupboards are not in Shinganapur.

no incidents of burglary have been reported even though the houses have no locks and doors. In 2010 and 2011, some people tried to steal but, it is said they died within minutes of committing the crime.


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