Shahid Kapoor says his wife, Mira, is “very critical” of his movies. She’s very straight up

A few weeks ago, actor Shahid Kapoor talked about how his wife Mira Kapoor is his harshest critic and doesn’t hold back when she gives her own feedback to him.

A few weeks ago, actor Shahid Kapoor talked about how his wife, Mira Kapoor, does not hold back when she gives her honest feedback on his work. From Udta Punjab to Jab We Met, the actor has made a lot of movies in Bollywood over the years and has become a well-known actor in the field.

While the actor has had a lot of success and praise for his work, he has also had a lot of people not like him. When he talked about one of his biggest critics, he also said that his wife is also one of his biggest supporters.

Shahid Kapoor: Mira’s “heavy criticisms” made Shahid feel bad.

It was revealed in an interview with Siddharth Kannan that his wife Mira Kapoor is “very critical” of all of his movies. She married him in 2015. Even though she is 27, he said that she doesn’t even bother to “waste her time” criticising the “bad ones.” She would say, “It is so bad that I do not want to comment on it.” Let’s talk about the good ones.

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However, the actor said that it’s one of her best traits because he “likes” how “straight up” she is. They can agree to disagree, which is one of the best things about their “healthy relationship.”

After that, the actor was very funny when he talked about how he was a husband and a father to two kids, daughter Misha and son Zain. At home, his wife and kids don’t see him as important. There were other things the actor said, too. He said that he hasn’t been outside of the house for seven years. His only daughter also told him that when she goes to school, he isn’t there to protect him.

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Shahid Kapoor is also set to make his OTT debut in Jersey, which is about a sports team. The actor told PTI, “The choice to go on the OTT platform was to break the trend, to do something different, and to try something new.” The thing I’ve been doing for almost 20 years needs to be new and exciting.

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