Seven Knights Revolution Episode 10 Release Date Preview View Online Cast Crew & Story

After announcing the series in February 2021, this smartphone game-based anime series ‘Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor’ finally premiered on 5this April 2021. The series immediately caught the attention of many anime enthusiasts and attracted a large audience to this anime show. Since its start in April 2021, the series has a total of 9 episodes and the 10this episode of Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor is set to release next week. Here are the details you need to know about the upcoming installment of this anime series.

Seven Knights Revolution Episode 10 Release Date Preview View Online Cast Crew & Story

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 9 Preview

In the ninth installment of this anime series, we saw Faria and Shirley being crushed by the Germain. Seeing that, Nemo and Reda had joined the fray to help Faria and Shirley who were fighting Germain. Reda has agreed to be Nemo’s ally until she defeats Amis, while learning his true intentions. Reda has let go of Nemo’s true intentions and decided to be with him and help him until they defeat Germain. At the end, Germain is eventually defeated and dies, at which point Sophitia articulates her own strategies to bring the world to an end, but she didn’t realize that Reda had been secretly listening to her plans.

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor: When Should You Watch Episode 10?

The ninth episode of the anime series titled “Conclusion -End Times-” aired on 31st May 2021. The previous episode, written by Kō Shigenobu and directed by Kiyoshi Murayama, was quite exciting and has the eagerness and excitement for the 10this delivery. Now the creators have revealed the release date of ‘Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor’ Episode 10.

All fans and viewers looking forward to the tenth episode of this anime show can stream it on 7this June 2021, Monday. Talking about this upcoming ‘Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor’ Episode 10, it’s written by Ukyō Kodachi while Mitsuyo Yokono directed this anime show episode. It will be released with the title “Conviction -Punishment-“. Every episode of this anime series premieres on Mondays every week. So this time the next episode will also be released next Monday on June 7th.

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor: Where To Watch Episode 10?

The ‘Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor’ was first announced in February 2021 and after a few months on April 5, 2021, the anime series premiered on the Japanese television channel Tokyo MX and other channels in Japan. Muse Communication, a Taiwanese distributor, has also licensed the ‘Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor’ to stream this anime series in Southeast Asia. The viewers from these countries can stream this popular anime show on their YouTube channel. In addition, Crunchyroll has also pledged its digital rights to make this anime series available for online streaming to audiences outside of Asia. Thus, viewers will also be able to stream “Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor” Episode 10 online on Crunchyroll, which will be released on June 7, Monday at 12:00 AM, according to JST.

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