Senior RSS Leader Dattatreya Hosabale


Reservation Should Continue Till Inequality Exists: Senior RSS Leader

Dattatreya Hosabale stated RSS “are strong supporters of reservation.”

New Delhi:

Asserting that RSS is a “strong supporter” of reservation, the organisation’s normal secretary Dattatreya Hosabale on Tuesday stated it’s a device for affirmative motion and may proceed so long as a specific part of the society experiences “inequality.”

Underlining that the historical past of India can be “incomplete” with out the historical past of Dalits,Mr Hosabale stated they’ve been on the forefront of social change.

He was talking at an occasion organised by the India Foundation for the launch of a ebook, titled “Makers Of Modern Dalit History”.

“History of India is not different from History from Dalits. Without their history, India”s history is incomplete,” Mr Hosabale stated.

Talking about reservation, Mr Hosabale categorically stated he and his organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh “are strong supporters of reservation.”

He additionally stated, “Social harmony and social justice are not political strategies for us and both of these are articles of faith for us.”

Stating that reservation is a “historical necessity” for India, Mr Hosabale stated, “It should continue as long as there is inequality being experienced by a particular section of society.”

Describing reservation as a device for “affirmative action”, Hosabale stated that reservation and reconciliation (between all sections of society) ought to go hand in hand.

He additionally stated it will be unfair to time period the personalities who led social change within the society as “Dalit leaders” as they have been leaders of all the society.

“When we discuss the various aspects of SC and ST sections of society, invariably certain aspects come to fore such as reservation. My organisation and I are strong supporters of reservations for decades. When there were anti-reservation protests in many campuses, we passed a resolution and organised a seminar in Patna in support of reservation,” Mr Hosabale stated.


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