Seema Haider SAGA Continues: SHOCKING Revelations In Passport Mystery, Friend Requests To Army Officers Open BIG SECRETS | India News

The case of Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman, is raising suspicions among Indian investigative agencies. However, so far, no evidence has been found to confirm her ties to Pakistan or the ISI, the country’s intelligence agency. After nearly 16 hours of intense interrogation over two days, UP ATS (Anti-Terrorism Squad) suspects that Seema Haider may be trying to mislead them. Despite her confident demeanor, answering most questions boldly, her responses have left ATS and other agencies on high alert. Additionally, there are concerns that someone in India might be guiding her. Furthermore, UP ATS has received significant information from the Intelligence Bureau (IB) regarding this matter.

Seema Haider Claims Many Contacts Besides Sachin

During the investigation, those who helped Seema Haider reach her village in Noida have not been identified. The ATS also found out that she had sent friend requests to a few military officers. Before arriving in India, Seema had purchased a mobile phone in Pakistan for about 70,000 Pakistani rupees, which she informed the ATS during the questioning. The ATS also asked her if she was advised to be cautious while messaging and chatting on the phone.

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The Use of Codewords ‘Fufi’ and ‘Fruit’

Another crucial revelation during the interrogation was that ATS questioned Seema Haider about whether she used codewords. In the coded language of Pakistani intelligence, “Fufi” refers to a person who provides ISI with information related to their country. On the other hand, the codeword “Fruit” is used in reference to money. When ATS asked her about using these codewords, she denied any knowledge of Urdu or its usage in Pakistan. However, her statements have raised doubts as she converses fluently in Hindi and uses difficult Hindi words that are almost impossible to know without formal education.

Suspicious Timing of Mobile Bill and Passport Issuance

Seema Haider produced her mobile phone bill for May 8th during the interrogation, and on the same day, she was issued a passport. Just two days later, on May 10th, she left Pakistan. The investigation is ongoing, and agencies are working tirelessly to unravel the truth behind Seema Haider’s claims and actions.

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