Scary! Flying Plank Breaks Car’s Window on Highway, Pierces Passenger’s Seat: Watch Viral Video | Auto News

Videos of road accidents often go viral on social media. One of the very similar videos of a scary road accident went viral on Twitter, showing something out of one of the Wrong Turn movies. The mind-numbing video of the accident shows a flying plank that fell out of the truck on a highway, broke a car’s window, and simultaneously got right through the passenger seat. The incident that took place in a matter of seconds was recorded on the car’s dash cam and is now going viral on social media.

The video starts by showing a car driving on the highway. Since the video has been recorded on a dashcam, the bonnet of the car is easily visible. It also shows another car moving on the side of a truck on the open roads. A few seconds later, a wooden plank appears on the screen emerging from the rear-right corner of the truck. It seems like the truck was carrying some cargo and the wooden plank got loose. In the scary scene, the plank comes flying toward the driver, giving him no time to dodge. Luckily, it hits the passenger seat and ends up damaging the vehicle.

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The video was shared on Twitter by a user going by the name Nftbadger, with the caption saying, “Luckily, there is no passenger in the right.” Now the video is going viral on social media and has accumulated over 243 thousand views and lots of reactions from the netizens.

Many social media users were scared after watching the video. One of the users said, “New phobia unlocked! successfully” Another user said, “Luckily, there was also a gust of wind. That piece of wood looked like it was heading right for the driver initially.” While someone else said, “I watched this video, and I think, in reality, the driver was lucky! The front windshield looked okay!”

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