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Not all drives are safe, and so isn’t every driver. Therefore, it is often said that getting the basics of driving right makes exercise safer for almost everyone. If a driver is just not apt at doing the simplest things correctly while driving a car, it invites mishaps for itself. Recently, Cyberabad Traffic Police posted a video through its Twitter handle, which highlights the importance of ‘Basics of driving.’ The video clip shows a speeding Maruti Suzuki Swift entering a barricaded carriageway and T-boning another car. It results in the rollover for the other vehicle, while the Swift too suffers damages.

The street in which the Swift is seen swifting by does not have a smooth merger to the highway. In fact, the highway is at a little height from the street’s road level, thus there is a small ramp, leading the Swift to go airborne for a short duration and hits the other car. The video is uploaded with the caption, “Never ignore basics on Road. STOP – LOOK – GO.” Well, if the Swift driver had been slower and stopped at the intersection and checked for the oncoming traffic, the accident could’ve been averted.

However, the failure of this basic exercise resulted in a huge mishap. Anything on the lives in both vehicles is not confirmed by the traffic police department. After scrolling down the comment section, we came across a simple yet effective measure to avoid such instances. A user commented, “A speed breaker installed by the government authorities concerned little ahead of the turning would have made a big difference.”

While a different user suggested the use of warning boards, saying, “Just put one board of 100 the matter will be solved Congratulations you are going to be the 100th person to be hospitalized due to accident on this road. We have already made arrangements please go ahead. From tomorrow no one will drive like this.”

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Another user, on the other hand, raised the concern of safety. He wrote, “I have been in #Hyderabad for the last 3 months and i didn’t feel safe while walking on the road, due to poor driving skills of people in #Hyderabad, please take some steps to control the traffic rules and regulations.”

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