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Sarpatta Tamil Movie Review

  Sarpatta Tamil Movie Review
  1. Release Date : 22 July 2021

Starring: Arya, Sanchana Natarajani

Director : Pa. Ranjit

Produced by : Shanmugam Dhakshanraj

Music Director: Santhosh Narayanan

The Telugu dubbed version of Tamil actor Arya’s Sarpatta Parambrai Sarpatta Parampara is making a splash on Amazon Prime Video. Scroll through to read our review of the film.


Samara (Arya), a laborer in Chennai port aspires to become a successful boxer. One day, he is given an opportunity to prove himself in the boxing ring and makes the most of it. But his stint as a boxer gets him in big trouble both personally and professionally. What controversial events have occurred before and after Samara’s boxing career? The answer to this question forms the rest of the plot.

More Points:

The Sarpatta tradition depends on the performances of the lead actors and they spend a lot of time. Arya is very much liked as he delivers a commendable performance in the role of a hot boxer. He has full support from the rest of the cast. Dussehra Vijayan, Pasupati, Sanchana Natarajan and John Cocaine brought life to their characters. The casting is bang on point.

The boxing episodes are very well imagined and have sentimental value. The fight sequences form the main plot of the film and are executed with great confidence, which works in favor of the film.

Minus points:

The film has a runtime of around 175 minutes and it loses momentum every time, which works against the cause. Crisp run-time could have served the film very well. Due to the long run-time, many scenes are seen in the middle part.

The emotion track between the lead pair sounds good at first but becomes dull after a point as the same conflict points are highlighted over and over again.

The scenes related to the consequences faced by the protagonist for committing the crime needed a better narrative. Due to the soft writing, these episodes turn out to be unimaginable in the end and test the patience of the audience. A better script in the middle could have worked really well for the film.

Technical Finesse:

Pa. Ranjith has a knack for narrating realistic social dramas in a crude way and he does the same with the Sarpatta tradition. He blends the boxing culture in northern Chennai with the unrest caused by the imposition of emergency by the Indian government at that time. Had he kept the run-time in check and came up with a better script in the later part, the film would have been made to watch much better. Santhosh Narayanan’s background score is substantial. Cinematography is top notch. The essence of Chennai of the 70s is beautifully presented. Production designing is also excellent.


There are great moments in the early part of the galloping tradition but softer narration to undo the good work in the post-interval and pre-climax part. The performance of the lead actors is the highlight of the film. Overall, the movie is fine to watch once. .

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