Sara Ali Khan Rocks A Vibrant Purple Pullover In Kashmir For Cozy Winter Style

Sara Ali Khan’s most recent fashion statement reflects her upbeat demeanour.

Winter may bring dark days, but it shouldn’t stop us from dressing in bright colours. Sara Ali Khan’s winter fashion statements are encouraging us to experiment with the many different colours available in sweaters and jackets. Instead of wearing your typical black and brown tones, take a cue from the Bollywood actress. Sara’s photo dump from her Kashmir trip revealed her vibrant colours. She wore a ribbed indigo pullover with a crew neck and long sleeves on occasion. She paired it with black slacks, bright shoes, and dark sunglasses. She wore a lively and informal dress with a grey turtleneck sweater and a pink hooded jacket on other occasions. She wore black trousers with this outfit as well. Sara Ali Khan chose pink earmuffs and a heavy pink jacket for the cooler months. Sara Ali Khan posed in a bright blue sweater with a colourful checkered muffler dangling freely around her neck. Sara went with a vivid green sweater, black jogger pants, and pink shoes for her colour scheme. Sara Ali Khan’s winter outfits also included a shawl. She was draped in a scarlet shawl with a multicoloured flower pattern.

Sara Ali Khan is unafraid of bright colours. For one of her Instagram images, she wore a bright pink salwar suit. She looked amazing in the suit, which had a backless feature as well as tassels and string embellishments. She was wearing a green saree with an orange backless blouse in the same photo.

Sara ali
Sara ali

Sara Ali Khan’s sartorial selections don’t necessarily have to be dominated by colour. Colors can mix and provide a subtle radiance to her ensembles. In a white salwar suit with crimson flower designs all over, she pulled it off. A pastel peach anarkali suit with white flower macro designs showed off the same colour nuance. Take a look at this:

Sara Ali Khan enjoys experimenting with colour. When she went on a beach vacation with her buddies, she wore bright swimwear. Her blue-rimmed sunglasses complemented the geometric prints and colours.

sara ali khan .
sara ali khan .

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Sara Ali Khan dressed in a stunning pink gown that was a riot of colours. With blue eyeshadow and a coral red lip colour, she amplified her look.

Sara Ali Khan is demonstrating how to wear colours like a fashionista.

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