Salman Khurshid slams Prashant Kishor – politics is about more than just winning elections

On Friday, Congressman Salman Khurshid slammed political strategist Prashat Kishor for saying that the Opposition’s leadership should be decided “democratically.”

Salman Khurshid took to Twitter to say, “PK has an odd perspective on democracy. He invokes divinity to cast doubt on the democratic choice of Congress employees. This demonstrates that political wisdom based on textbooks ignores human behaviour. Winning elections isn’t the only goal of politics. How does commerce, on the other hand, know?”

“PK’s lesson: Divinity is all about faith. Faith is central to democracy. Other people are unable to write the script for democratic decision-making. If you don’t understand democratic choice, go back to school and start over. Perhaps distinguishing between faith and faith will satisfy the BJP “Added he.

Prashant Kishor said on Thursday that the party’s leadership is not a “divine right of an individual,” in a veiled attack on former Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

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“Congress represents an important concept and space for a strong opposition. However, a person’s right to lead Congress is not divine, especially when the party has lost more than 90% of its elections in the last decade. Let the leadership of the opposition be decided democratically “In a tweet, Prashant Kishor stated.

Prashant Kishor’s remark came after West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee sparked a controversy with her remark that “there is no UPA now.” Prashant Kishor also serves as Mamata Banerjee’s political advisor.

Many Congress leaders slammed Mamata Banerjee’s remark, accusing her of aiding the BJP by causing divisions in the opposition.

Mamata Banerjee, who left the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) in 2012, has been on a national expansion drive to position the TMC as a viable alternative to the Congress.

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