Sai Pallavi delivers a statement following a dispute, stating that she was not making light of any tragedy. “I shall pause before speaking”

Sai Pallavi made an explanation after her words regarding the departure of Kashmiri Pandits in the 1990s went viral and sparked controversy. The actress had voiced her disapproval of the violence committed in the name of religion and stated that while the exodus was wrong, so was cow vigilantism. This sparked widespread outrage among many, who claimed she was trivializing the Kashmiri Pandit tragedy.

Sai Pallavi took to Instagram to emphasize that she would never trivialize the tragedy and that she meant to imply that all forms of violence were sinful.

She stated, “This is the first time I have contacted you all to clarify something, and I believe it will also be the first time I will hesitate before speaking my mind out of fear that my words would be misconstrued. So please excuse me if I take longer than normal to express my opinions.

In a recent interview, I was asked whether I supported the Left or the Right, and I responded unequivocally that I am apolitical and that we must first be good people before identifying ourselves with our beliefs. And the downtrodden must be defended at all costs,” stated the actor.

Sai Pallavi stated that she could never trivialize a tragedy, but she also could not accept the brutality of mob lynching. “I do not believe that any of us has the right to take the life of another. As a graduate of medical school, I think that all lives are equal and precious. I hope there will never be a day when a newborn is afraid of his or her own individuality.

I hope we’re not headed in that direction,’ she remarked, adding that she felt alone and conflicted during this issue and questioned what she done wrong. She stated that she always communicates in a neutral manner and added that a number of eminent figures have failed to grasp her true intent.

During the conversation with the media that went viral, Pallavi was asked if she was personally impacted by the left-wing movement. She clarified that she is impartial. She made no secret of her opposition to the use of violence in the name of any faith. She stated, “The Kashmiri Files revealed the manner in which Kashmiri Pandits were murdered at the time.

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If you view the situation as a religious clash, a Muslim driver who was transporting cows was assaulted and made to shout “Jai Shri Ram” recently. Where then is the distinction between these two incidents? We must be decent human beings. If we are good individuals, we will not harm others. To answer your question, if you are not a good human being, neither the right nor the left will have justice. I’m quite impartial.”

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