Royal Enfield Track Racing School Launch

Royal Enfield Racing School Launch
Royal Enfield Racing School Launch

Royal Enfield’s Trailblazing Track School – Fostering Racing Passion, Skills, and Safety for Aspiring Racers on the Indian Motorsports Horizon

Royal Enfield has made a significant leap in the world of motorsports with the launch of the Royal Enfield Track School in India. This new initiative, underlining their commitment to the ‘Pure Sport’ ethos, aims to open the doors of track racing for aspiring racers and track enthusiasts, offering them the chance to refine their skills on the racetrack.

Opening New Horizons: Royal Enfield’s Commitment to Motorsports

Racing fever has been steadily growing in India, and the Royal Enfield Track School is poised to take this passion to new heights. Building on the resounding success of the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup, this endeavour seeks to foster a racing culture in the country and inspire young, passionate racers to explore the thrilling world of track racing.

Royal Enfield Racing School Launch
Royal Enfield Racing School Launch

Royal Enfield Track School aims to empower riders to conquer their challenges and push their boundaries while enhancing their motorcycle skills. This not only makes them better and safer riders on the track but also on the road. It offers participants a unique opportunity to elevate their riding prowess in a controlled and supervised environment, equipped with top-notch motorcycles and expert instructors.

Scheduled to commence on September 9-10 at the renowned Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore, the track school will subsequently venture into other cities, with sessions in Bangalore on October 15, Kolhapur on November 5, and Ahmedabad on November 26. The expansion of the program to various regions ensures that many aspiring racers from different parts of India can participate.

Participants in the Royal Enfield Track School will have the privilege of using the Royal Enfield GT650 twin-cylinder motorcycle for their training. These future racers will be coached by seasoned racing specialists who will guide them through the intricacies of track racing. The program aims not only to develop their racing skills but also to instill a deep understanding of motorcycle dynamics and safety measures.

Aims and Ambitions: The Goals of the Track School Initiative

In the near future, Royal Enfield plans to unveil additional Track School locations and dates, further broadening the reach of this initiative and enabling more individuals to embark on their racing journey.

This launch doesn’t stand in isolation. Royal Enfield Track School is part of Royal Enfield’s global Motorsports program, which encompasses various initiatives such as the GT Cup, women’s racing programs, American Flat Track team in the United States, DTRA flat track racing in the United Kingdom, drag racing in Europe and India, and Slide Schools in six countries. This wide-ranging commitment to motorsports underscores Royal Enfield’s dedication to promoting the racing culture worldwide.

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