Royal Enfield Electric Bike: Royal Enfield will launch an electric cruiser bike, See photo

Royal Enfield Electric Bullet: The company is planning to invest 600 crores in developing an electric motorcycle.

Royal Enfield Electric Bike Price: In addition to cruiser bikes, Royal Enfield is now producing electric bikes. Royal Enfield has decided to make an electric cruise bike in response to the growing demand for electric bikes in the country, and the company will invest 600 crores in the project.

Royal Enfield is rumoured to be considering launching its electric Bullet bike in India. This year, Royal Enfield and Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles (VECV) will invest a total of Rs 1,000-1,100 crore, with Royal Enfield investing Rs 500-600 crore. Royal Enfield will invest in balancing its capacity, products, and variants.

Royal Enfield Electric Bike
Royal Enfield Electric Bike

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The company aspires to be a global player

Royal Enfield is preparing to expand its business internationally, with a focus on zero-emission vehicles. According to the report, Eicher Motors CEO Siddharth Lal stated that engineering work for electric vehicles is currently underway.

electric cruiser bike
electric cruiser bike

When will the Royal Enfield electric motorcycle be available?

Royal Enfield Electric Bike: The company is currently developing an electric motorcycle. A significant investment will be made in this as well. However, you will not be able to see the Royal Enfield electric bike on the market right now because it will take time to develop. With its first electric bike, the company does not want to take any chances. Royal Enfield is known for its powerful and luxurious motorcycles. In such a scenario, work is underway to incorporate the power of a petrol bullet into an electric cruise bike. Royal Enfield’s electric motorcycle is expected to take two to four years to reach the market.

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