Rolls Royce was at 200 kmph when it hit truck from behind

Rolls Royce accident at 200 kmph
Rolls Royce accident at 200 kmph

Rolls Royce travelling on Delhi Mumbai expressway hit truck from behind – The truck overturned

A tragic incident unfolded on the Gurgaon-Dausa section of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, as a high-speed collision between a Rolls-Royce and a diesel tanker has captivated attention due to its shocking revelations. This heart-wrenching accident, which occurred on August 22, resulted in the immediate fatalities of the tanker’s driver, Rampreet, and his co-driver. Initial reports had laid the blame on Rampreet, citing reckless driving and negligence, as it was initially believed that he had swerved into the path of the Rolls-Royce.

What really happened – CCTV reveals truth

However, fresh evidence from CCTV footage has unveiled an entirely different storyline. In contrast to the initial assumptions, Rampreet was not at fault. The video footage clearly illustrates that he was adhering to all traffic rules when tragedy struck. Instead, the luxury car, a Rolls-Royce, was caught on camera hurtling at speeds exceeding 200 kmph before crashing into the rear of the diesel tanker.

Rolls Royce accident at 200 kmph
Rolls Royce accident at 200 kmph

Within the Rolls-Royce, three passengers were present, all of whom suffered injuries and were subsequently transported to a medical facility in Gurgaon for treatment. This luxury car was part of a 20-vehicle convoy, accompanied by two escort vehicles equipped with red beacons and security personnel.

The sequence of events unfolded as the convoy was captured on CCTV footage passing through Alipur, en route to Rajasthan at precisely 11:11 am. After a brief interval, the Rolls-Royce suddenly veered away from the convoy, changed lanes, and rapidly accelerated. Over the next 12 minutes, the vehicle covered a distance of 40 km before eventually colliding with the diesel tanker at the 40.9 km mark near Nuh.

Truck overturned due to impact from behind

The collision’s impact caused the Rolls-Royce to lose control and collide with the middle lane of the expressway, igniting a fire that rapidly engulfed the luxury car. The diesel tanker truck also flipped over due to the sheer force of the collision. Fortunately, security personnel from the convoy reacted swiftly, extricating the Rolls-Royce’s occupants from the wreckage.

Rolls Royce accident at 200 kmph
Rolls Royce accident at 200 kmph

Medical sources at Medanta Hospital revealed that two passengers from the Rolls-Royce, a 49-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman, were admitted with fractures and minor injuries. They are currently in the process of recuperating at the hospital.

Rescue Efforts and Unfortunate Outcomes

Authorities were alerted to the incident by a passing commuter, while the NHAI control room also received an alert. The police and NHAI teams were dispatched promptly to the scene, arriving within a mere 10 minutes of the collision. Tragically, both Rampreet and his co-driver succumbed to their injuries, whereas the third passenger in the luxury car sustained injuries.

Efforts were made to douse the flames engulfing the Rolls-Royce, with three fire tenders deployed for the task. Regrettably, the fire had already caused significant damage to the car by the time it was successfully extinguished. Notably, authorities emphasized that the outcome could have been much graver if diesel from the tanker had leaked post-impact.

The initial incident report did not specify any particular names in connection with the accident. As investigations continue to unfold, the evolving narrative underscores the critical importance of precise analysis and the role of modern technology in reconstructing such incidents.


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