Rolls-Royce New Ghost Extended – Extraordinary luxury

THE majesty of a Rolls-Royce is always a sight to behold. The British luxury car, with its flawless appearance and imposing presence, is frequently identified with the pinnacle of grandeur in the automotive world.

On the other hand, its grandeur and history frequently come with an air of antiquity.


Older model designs lack sportiness, and their size does not equate to speed and agility. For a long time, it was seen as something that only the very affluent, who tended to be individuals in their golden years, could buy and appreciate.


Much has changed since then, with the automaker now attempting to update its image in order to appeal to a new generation of wealthy young people.

It is continuously updated with a leaner design philosophy and the most up-to-date technology — components that are critical in giving the marque its fresh, mysterious identity, which properly corresponds to the horrible names the brand’s automobiles have always been given.

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Cars, Bikes, and Trucks was recently given a short and unusual opportunity to board the newly released Ghost Extended and feel this new air of mystery, and they were both thrilled and shocked.

Who’d have guessed that the term “Ghost” would conjure up images of opulence on the highway? If it didn’t make sense before, it certainly does now.


The car’s first surprise is how modern it appears while still maintaining a distinct Rolls-Royce appearance. Consider a glam executive with a smidgeon of a sleek, sporty curvature. Nothing too outrageous, but just enough to keep it feeling fresh.


It adopts a contemporary, pure, and minimalist design makeover of the brand’s “Post Opulence” ideology, 11 years after it was initially presented.

With the exception of the Spirit of Ecstasy (now seated in its own “lake of metal” at the bonnet) and the return of RR trademark door umbrellas, everything here is new in comparison to the earlier model.

Its all-aluminum spaceframe oozes all-luxury with its illuminated Phanteon grille and a mix of premium wood, leather, and metal finishes throughout the cabin interior, as per brand standard.


The purposely concealed 170mm greater room than the ordinary variant is less visible from the outside, but it may be the car’s strongest draw.

The subtle extension of the rear door and body around the rear door apertures (while maintaining the car’s austere design lines) provides more back legroom than any other four-seat sedan.

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The reclining Serenity Seat and a champagne fridge (located between the rear seats) with two cooling modes are also available to rear passengers.

A variety of entertainment options add to the cabin’s comfort. The automobile has an 18-channel, 18-speaker, 1,300-watt audiophile grade sound system with exciter speakers in the Starlight Headliner that display a shooting star effect, as well as WiFi access and multimedia systems.


The new lit Ghost dashboard design, which features more than 90,000 laser-etched dots across the surface and the same shooting star image, uses the same effect.

If that wasn’t enough, the car also has 100kg of acoustic dampening materials in the chassis, bodywork, and tyres to give the brand’s “Formula for Serenity” for ultimate cabin quietness.

This is on top of a hand-welded aluminium body shell to the chassis at four corners for aesthetics and to reduce weight and noise intrusion by offering 40,000Nm per degree of rigidity against steel parts.

GHOST GLIDE is a character in the game GHOST GLIDE

The performance of the vehicle is undoubtedly its best-kept secret, with the brand’s signature “magic carpet ride” taking centre stage.

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The “magic carpet ride” is given via a novel planar suspension system, which features all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering for the first time.

The system includes continuously variable, electronically controlled shock absorbers, self-leveling high volume air suspension, stability control, self-drying braking systems, satellite aided transmission, a “flagbearer” system that includes a stereo camera system integrated into the windscreen for improved road visibility, and a world-first upper wishbone damper — a technology that has never been applied to a production motor car before.


All of this is made possible by a ten-year-old 6.75-litre twin turbocharged V12 engine (designed specifically for the Ghost) and a ZF eight-speed automated transmission. The combined powertrain generates 571 horsepower and 850 pound-feet of torque, allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in roughly 4.8 seconds.

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A 7×3 high-definition head-up display and laser headlamps with a range of more than 600 metres are available to the driver.


Vision assist with day and night wildlife and pedestrian warning; alertness assistant; a four-camera system with panoramic view, all-round visibility, and helicopter view; active cruise control; collision warning; cross traffic warning; lane departure and lane change warning; and self-parking technology are among the vehicle’s safety features.


In light of the Covid-19 epidemic, the car has a Micro-Environment Purification System, which improves the existing air filtration system through software and hardware, enhancing air detoxification within the cabin.

The car’s highly sensitive impurity sensors detect the quality of the ambient air and activate the fresh air intakes automatically.

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The regular Ghost starts at RM1.45 million, while the Ghost Extended starts at RM1.65 million – these costs do not include taxes or customer options.

It comes with a four-year or unlimited-mileage warranty, as well as the option of two, three, or five additional years of ownership.


There’s a reason Rolls-Royce is still the go-to brand for ultra-luxury looks and experiences. The degree of comfort and entertainment offered by the Ghost is unrivalled by any other sedan, and the Ghost Extended is no exception, thanks to the additional legroom.


As a result, it should come as no surprise that the car prioritises the passenger.

The incredible sound system, cabin soundproofing, and rear high definition entertainment system provide a true theater-on-wheels experience.

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Consider a first-class flight to your destination followed by a car ride. No other automobile manufacturer can offer to provide you with such an experience.

Apart from its balanced modern-classic executive design, the drive is what gives the Ghost Extended its phantasmal aspect. The new planar (multi) suspension system, as well as the freshly calibrated drive mechanics and motor, offer the automobile an unrivalled “glide” performance.


Despite its frightening appearance, the huge sedan did not feel heavy in the hands or on the pedals. In fact, the steering was so responsive, and the acceleration was so smooth, that driving the car was a breeze.

Granted, it’s still a big car, and the majority of its power goes to counteracting the weight. It’s not a sports car, so don’t expect it to perform well on a race track.

You’re considering a Rolls-Royce because you’re looking for the pinnacle of luxury comfort. A very accessible behind-the-wheel experience is a significant plus in this situation.

Whereas Rolls-Royce has long been associated with luxury, the Ghost Extended elevates the experience to a new level.

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