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Restaurants in Maldives- 10 Restaurants that will leave you wanting more!!!


If you are tired of lounging on the beaches of Maldives, how about you enjoy the Maldivan cuisine? Dining in the Maldives is a special experience, the beachside restaurants, the undersea restaurants all offer a unique view for you to enjoy. Although the major cuisine in the Maldives consists of seafood, it doesn’t mean it has nothing for the vegan souls. While finding the right restaurants can be hectic, so we have listed 10 restaurants in the Maldives for you to visit and enjoy your meal. Make sure that you have included at least any one of the below restaurant in your Maldives honeymoon package.

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  1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Are you bored of the regular close space dining experience? Want to try something, come to the colourful Maldives and visit the undersea restaurants. These undersea restaurants provide an intimate experience for you, you can enjoy the delicious cuisine while staring at the sea creatures. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is the oldest of these undersea restaurants, located 16- feet under the sea. There are only 14 tables available which means you can spend a nice time here with your partner and family. A fusion of cuisines is served according to the menu. 

  1. Kitchen Restaurant

It is the answer to round-the-clock dining, which means you don’t need to find different restaurants for three meals a day because this restaurant provides you with all three. You can come to this place for a semi-buffet, then for an exquisite lunch and a huge fancy dinner. You can see the chefs giving twists to ordinary dishes so they make a unique combination. This restaurant also has open stations that let you have a look at the live cooking of the chefs. You can dine with the amazing sunset views that the restaurants provide. 

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  1. Reethi Restaurant

Every restaurant in the Maldives seems different in its existence, there is something unique about each one of them. Reethi Restaurant’s interior has been split up into three separate areas i.e. Earth, Fire and Aqua. The most famous dish of Reethi is the Maldivian lobster, and its previous visitors highly recommend the dish. You can visit Reethi for lip-smacking cuisines and spending time with your family. 

  1. Sip Sip Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Six Senses Resort and has dishes that are prepared with the help of both gardeners and chefs. The kitchen team uses the 40 herbs and vegetables grown in the resort garden to make all the starter recipes. These starters are served in a sunken place that looks more farm to the pool than farm to the table. Most famous dishes include the pan-fried goat cheese salad that comes with mango compote and crispy fried fish cake with peanut and green mango salad. 

  1. The Spice 

The Spice is located at Atmosphere Kanifushi, Kanifushi islands are said to provide the best and they give the best services. They offer luxury and take you on a special journey to provide you with a memorable experience of its colourful traditions and warmth. You are bound to get mesmerised by the sunset views, waters of the Indian Ocean, and lip-smacking food. 

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  1. Sea.Fire.Salt 

Sea.Fire.Salt restaurant is the most famous restaurant in the Maldives; this restaurant is a steakhouse. It specialises in serving freshly caught Maldivian fish and grilled meats. Situated above the lagoon of Anantara Dhigu Resort, it serves a grilled food platter that will provide you with an assortment of prawns, lobsters, scallops, and sea bass atop of pink sea salt. You get a range of exotic flavoured salt that goes well with your food. There is coconut salt, cheese salt, thyme salt, saffron salt and many more to make your food even tastier.

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  1. Sala Thai

Sala Thai is a restaurant where you would only get fresh ingredients, the chefs here go to lengths preparing food made out only of fresh ingredients. The fresh ingredients are transferred every week from Asia so that chefs can continue serving lip-smacking Siamese dishes. This is a great escape from the bustling city life of Male; this restaurant is situated in Sala Boutique Hotel and a fantastic option if you want a calm and relaxing meal. The most famous dishes here include Panang curry and shrimp marinated in a spicy fish sauce. 

  1. Sea House Restaurant

Want to dine while enjoying the ethereal sea views? Sea House Restaurant is the place for you; located on the jetty beside a ferry terminal this restaurant provides you with a perfect dining experience. Added to the amazing views of the sea, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi and live music in the evening. You can have an experience of luxury at this restaurant. Head to this restaurant if you want to enjoy dinner with your partner. 

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  1. Jazz Café

Jazz café gives a combination of Maldivian and international dressing in a blend of low-key environments; this café is popular with young and old tourists alike. You can enjoy this upbeat restaurant fully when the cafe hosts live talented local musicians with great jazz, rock and soul numbers. The most famous dishes here include yellow chicken curry, roshi, beef and onion stir fry; other dishes include roast chicken with barbeque. These menus vary every day, so if you visit again you won’t eat the same thing. 

  1. Thila Restaurant

This restaurant has won awards for its services; it is situated in Kurumba resort on Vihamanafushi island on North Male. This is a semi-outdoor dining spot that means you can dine inside while enjoying the views outside. You can enjoy modern Maldivian grills and sensualist desserts for dinner. It is a gourmet restaurant but feels relaxed and calm, moreover there is a special menu designed specifically for your kids. You can select a seat at the beachfront terrace, deck over the water, top floor balcony and you can choose among palm trees. This island is significantly located at a short 10-minute ride from Male. 

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The Maldives has images of jet-set beaches, luxury resorts and honeymooners lounging around. This remote country is a collection of 1200 islands and 30 coral atolls. But there are things other than lounging on the beach that you can enjoy like the delicious cuisine of the Maldives at these breathtaking restaurants. If you are ready to take a ride, then we wish you luck in enjoying your Maldives trip with our best maldives tour packages from India. Have an amazing vacay!!

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