Renault Kwid E-TECH EV was released in Brazil: check out the range and Price

Renault’s all-electric Kwid E-TECH hatchback is now available in Brazil for 142,990 Brazilian Reals (23.20 lakh in Indian currency). The all-electric hatchback was first revealed as the K-ZE at the 2020 Auto Show. The Renault Kwid E-TECH will be the cheapest electric vehicle in Brazil from now on. It will be a replacement for the JAC E-JS1.

The all-new Kwid E-TECH shares many aesthetic cues with the outgoing ICE Kwid, but it also has a few EV-specific design traits. E-TECH emblems, a closed-off grille with a chrome garnish consisting of two strips below the emblem, and freshly designed alloy wheels are all included on the automobile.

The inside of the Kwid E-TECH features an electric vehicle-specific instrument cluster and a four-spoke steering wheel. The EV’s interior is quite identical to the ICE’s, with a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system and power windows. The Kwid’s circular gear selector is the same as the India-spec vehicle.

The Renault Kwid E-TECH has a substantially longer set of safety features than the India-spec Kwid. The E-TECH variant comes standard with a tyre pressure monitoring system, as well as six airbags, ABS with EBD, electronic stability control, and hill-start assist.

Renault Kwid E-TECH EV
Renault Kwid E-TECH EV

The 26.8 kWh batteries in the Renault Kwid E-TECH allow it to travel 298 kilometres in city traffic and 265 kilometres on a mixed cycle that includes both city and highway driving. Using a home 220V/20A outlet, the EV can be charged to a range of 190 kilometres in around nine hours. The cheapest electric vehicle in Brazil, according to the French business, has 65 horsepower and can sprint from 0 to 50 km/h in 4.1 seconds. The curb weight of the vehicle is 977 kg.

According to Renault, a 7 kW Wall-box charger takes 2 hours and 50 minutes to charge the Renault Kwid E-TECH from 15% to 80%, whereas the EV hatchback can reach the same 190 km range in only 40 minutes at a fast-charging station.

The EV is equipped with an Auditory Vehicle Alert System (AVAS), which provides pedestrians with an audible warning until the vehicle reaches 30 km/h.

The Kwid EV from Brazil comes in three different colours: Noronha Green, Glacier Polar White, and Diamond Silver.

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