Renault India Sales in December 2021

Renault India reported a 37.45% drop in sales year over year, despite a 21.34 percent increase month over month.

Renault India’s sales increased by 19.08 percent from the previous year to the calendar year 2021. In the previous month, 95,878 units were sold, up from 80,518 units sold in the same period in 2020.

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Monthly Report on Renault India Sales in 2021

Sales growth was reported in the first eight months of the year, kicking off the year on a positive note. The same could not be said for the last four months, when sales fell dramatically.

In January 2021, 8,209 units were sold, representing a 5.18 percent increase over the 7,805 units sold in January 2020. In February and March, sales increased significantly to 11,043 and 12,356 units, respectively, representing a 25.72 percent and 277.97 percent YoY increase. Sales in Q1 2021 totaled 31,608, up 59.17 percent from the 19,858 units sold in Q1 2020.

Despite the fact that sales in April 2020 were hampered by the outbreak of the pandemic, 8,642 units were sold in April 2021, followed by 2,620 units in May and 6,100 units in June.

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Renault India Sales in December 2021
Renault India Sales in December 2021

This was a 49.46 percent and 31.64 percent increase over sales in the same two months of 2020, respectively. As a result, sales in Q2 2021 increased by 171.83 percent to 17,362 units, up from 6,387 in Q2 2020. Sales in the first half of 2021 totaled 4,970 units, up 86.59 percent from the 26,245 units sold in the first half of 2020.

July (9,787 units) and August (9,703 units) saw sales rise in the following three months, but September sales fell to 7,326 units, down 16.80 percent from the 8,805 units sold in September 2020. Sales in Q3 2021 were 26,816 units, up 15.15 percent from 23,287 units in Q3 2020.

The company reported negative sales in October (8,910 units), November (5,052 units), and December (6,130 units), all of which were down significantly from the same months in 2020. Sales of 20,092 units were recorded in Q4 2021, down 35.16 percent from the 30,986 units sold in Q4 2020. Sales fell 13.57 percent to 46,908 units in H2 2021, compared to 54,273 units sold in H2 2020.

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Renault Sales in India in December 2021

Renault India Sales in December 2021
Renault India Sales in December 2021

Despite the fact that Renault India offered substantial discounts up to Rs 1,30,000 throughout the month of December 2021, sales fell by 37.45%. In the previous month, sales dropped from 9,800 units in December 2020 to 6,130 units. It was, however, a 21.34 percent increase in sales from the 5,052 units sold in November 2021.

Renault Teases the Austral SUV

Renault has teased the Austral SUV, which will make its global debut in 2022. This model is available in the compact segment. The Renault Austral, on the other hand, is currently only available in Europe.

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It has yet to be confirmed whether it will be launched in India anytime soon, which it should be given Renault’s lack of a product in the compact SUV segment, which has seen increased demand in the country.

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