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Summer skincare: Our skin starts to change as sweltering summer approaches. It needs extra protection from rashes, sunburns, persistent tan and acne if there is exposure to extreme heat and humidity. People with oily skin are more prone to acne breakouts. 

Exposure to UV rays results in the production of melanin which darkens the skin tone. It is advisable to have a skincare regimen to avoid skin-related problems. Here are some ways one can keep the skin glowing and free of problems during the summer months.

WORD OF ADVICE: Always do a patch test for skin care products you buy or choose to use!

Face wash to avoid excess oil

Summertime can make oily skin even more greasy. Use a face cleanser that is suitable for your skin type and can thoroughly wipe up all the dirt and grime. A non-foaming cleanser would be necessary for those with dry skin. Choose gentle cleaners which are alcohol-free and with proper ph-balance.

Use antioxidant serums

Antioxidant serums can do wonders for your skin’s hydration. They can shield your skin from harm caused by environmental factors, support collagen production, and scavenge free radicals to stop skin damage. A good antioxidant serum can be a part of your summer skincare regimen.

Go for proper skin care products

Keep a skincare routine and adhere to it strictly. Use a skin care product according to your skin type. For instance, gel-based (for dry skin) and water-based (for oily skin) rather than cream-based products. Your skin will stay clean and healthy if you cleanse, tone, and moisturise twice every day.

Keep your skin hydrated

Always stay hydrated during the summer. After washing your face at night, you can add some extra hydration during sleep by applying a hydrating face mask. To keep your skin fresh, frequently splash it with water or carry a facial mist.

Exfoliate for healthy skin

At least twice a week, exfoliate your face to get rid of extra oil from the skin. Choose a scrub that is appropriate for your skin type and massage it in a circular motion. One can exfoliate the neck also.

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