Reasons To Consider Tvs Jupiter As Your Next Two Wheeler

When you are looking to buy a two wheeler, you need to really ask yourself what you are looking for. There are many options available in the market. TVS Jupiter is one of the most popular options in the market that is preferred by most people. When you are investing in a new two wheeler, you can easily assume that the investment is for the next 3 years at the least. Here are some reasons why TVS Jupiter is the top consideration.

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Reasons why TVS Jupiter should be your next two wheeler

Stylish appearance 

  1. TVS Jupiter has some soft lines that make it attractive to all age groups. The availability of vibrant colours just adds to the desirability of this two-wheeler’s desirability. 
  2. The sleek grip of the handle adds to its charm. 
  3. There are many two wheelers trying to attract customers’ attention by adding extra features, but nothing works as well as an “All Black Edition”. 
  4. Apart from the colours, there are pops of shine added to it because of the emblem and the muffler guard. The two wheeler looks bold without any inclination toward tacky. 

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Convenient maintenance 

  1. TVS Jupiter is easy to maintain. You just need to follow the instructions given to you at the time of purchase by the dealer, and you will be fine. 
  2. TVS has a robust network of showrooms and service centres throughout the country, and that can be really helpful in case repairs are needed. 
  3. The customer service at TVS is great; maintaining your two wheeler is easier with the help of technicians. 
  4. Buying insurance for your TVS Jupiter is also convenient as it is available at all major insurance companies. 

Affordable price and ownership cost 

  1. The cost of TVS Jupiter starts from 69,571 rupees, exclusive of accessories. At this cost, the deal you are getting is superb. Compared to the other two wheelers with the same features, TVS Jupiter is much more affordable. 
  2. If you are better placed in terms of finances, you can also go for the Classic model which starts at 80,316 rupees. 
  3. If you compare ownership costs, then you will notice that TVS Jupiter leaps and bounds ahead of its competition. The cost of servicing is reduced drastically because of the initial free servings. 
  4. The TVS Jupiter insurance is available at affordable prices, and you need not think of tyre change till at least year 4 or depending on the usage of the two wheeler. Your beloved TVS Jupiter is already saving you money, which is why it deserves the best protection in the form of a comprehensive insurance plan. 
  5. The fuel cost is less due to the higher mileage per litre. 

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Premium comfort 

  1. Two wheelers are not known for comfort over long distances, but TVS Jupiter has changed that. The quality of the ride can be attributed to the seat and the suspension of the two-wheeler. 
  2. The telescopic suspension makes this the perfect two wheeler for Indian roads. 
  3. The rear suspension of TVS Jupiter is gar charged and provides extra comfort when on a bumpy road. 
  4. The wider wheelbase allows easy navigation on roads with potholes and bumps. 

Robust features 

  1. One of the common complaints of a rider is that there isn’t enough leg space on two wheelers. The design allows you to comfortably place your legs and accommodate some stuff on the floorboard. 
  2. The antiskid seats are a blessing when you are a pillion rider, and the rider has to break constantly because of traffic. 
  3. The spacious space under the seat can accommodate your small helmet and almost all of your shopping. 
  4. The tyres are tubeless, and when you are driving for a long time, they give you a better experience. 
  5. The alloy wheels remain rust-free and the tires ensure they have better grip giving you a more stable ride. 
  6. You can choose to get the optional charging point with a utility box put in to make your rides more convenient. 

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Fuel efficient 

The rising costs of fuel are an issue for all vehicle owners. It is why TVS Jupiter is known for being value for money. The technology used by TVS assures a 15% increase in mileage. The mileage on paper for TVS Jupiter is 50 to 62 km/lt. With this kind of efficiency, the ownership cost goes further, freeing up funds for better use. 

All two wheelers running on Indian roads need to have a minimum third party insurance. However, if you choose to buy only that, you are taking care of the financial liability in case of an accident, and damages to your two wheeler need to be paid for by you. Instead, you can go for comprehensive insurance, which allows you to customise the policy using add-ons. 

If you wish to know how much you will end up spending and what it will be the cost per month, you can use the two wheeler insurance premium calculator and work out a plan that is best suited to your situation. The next time you think about your new two wheeler, think of TVS Jupiter. 

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